Almost everybody agrees that the youth are constructed on the media a different way than they want it to be. All of the issues on the tri-media, internet, radio, newspaper and television, involving the youth are presented on a negative aspect. Media constructed the youth’s activities as ‘anti-social, unhealthy and risky’ and should be given attention by their parents, guardians and the authorities. Nonetheless, it is important for educators and policy makers to view the youth the way they will be understood and not be pre-judged.

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On the paper written by Mufale, Weaver and O’Brien, the youth was constructed as ‘careless, easy-go-lucky and neglectful’ people. It seems that the youth doesn’t care on their surroundings and on ‘serious subjects’. They are more focused on how to deal with peer pressure, smoking, drinking, drugs and pre-marital sex.

On Mufale’s paper, he discussed in order the cause and effects of binge drinking among the youth. He even laid down possible solutions on how to deal with binge drinking with the combined effort of the youth’s family, school and the authorities. Weaver’s story encircled on Corey Delaney’s ‘adventure’. The Australian media linked Delaney’s adventure to the over-all ‘merrymaking’ of today’s youth. O’Brien discussed further the youth’s careless driving attitude that causes increase on annual death tolls. O’Brien said that road accidents were the leading cause of death among the Australian youth.

What is evident on the three papers was the way the media constructed the youth. Although they presented the youth as careless and disruptive on the society, such as binge drinking’s aftermath and road accidents. However, these presuppositions of the media are unfair for the majority of the youth who focuses on their studies, communities and other socially relevant activities. The media just merely sensationalized these remote incidences involving the youth.

However, what are positive on the presentations were the media entities’ efforts to inform the public on how the youth should be dealt upon. Moreover, they called on the attention of those responsible, their parents, school administrators and the state authorities, on guiding the youthon their decisions and activities.  Although some of the papers discussed that the youth indeed knew the outcome of their acts, they acted with discernment, they usually gave in to the pressure of their friends and the people around them.

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The media and society should treat the youth asvictims rather than offenders. The youth passes through a difficult stage on dealing pressures from their peers, families, schools and the society as a whole. They are more often than not becoming the shock absorbers on various societal issues nowadays. With this, the youth should be given the attention they deserve, if in any case they violate the laws, their penalties should be treated as reformation rather than retribution.

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