Mediation Interview

9 September 2016

One conducted went to a social service agency called Center for Human Development and conducted an interview with Michael Jones Community Mediator. One’s interview was in regard to Mr. Jones role within the organization. Mr. Jones mediates for one’s client’s different kind of disputes. One’s interview questions consisted of the following the population Mr. Jones aids, how Ms. Jones assist, the reasons Mr.

Jones chose to mediate, what is rewarding mediating would change anything about his job if he could, Does his beliefs personal affect his performance as a mediator, and does he believe his job is different from what he originally imagined. One also describes power limitations and compares the roles of mediators and advocate. One conveys when advocates are needed in mediation. One discussed will a mediator or an advocate is critical concerning problem solving. Mediator Role Michael Jones acts as a mediator for residents who reside in Contra Costa County located in California.

Mediation Interview Essay Example

Mr. Jones aids the community by assisting with resolving conflicts. Mr. Jones perspective on mediator neutrality and impartial are to make sure he has no personal relationships with either person involved in the conflict. Mr. Jones also claims he does not show any biases. He delivers balanced treatment to his clients. Moreover, confidentiality is important to Mr. Jones. He does not share client information other than giving the court the report on the agreement between his clients. However, the discussions that took place are not in the report as well.

In regard to conflict of interest Mr. Jones does not represent any cases that will cause conflict between himself and his responsibilities. Interview The populations Mr. Jones works with are teens and the adults in their lives. However, the client has to live in Contra Costa County. Mr. Jones chose to aid Contra Costa residents in need because he wants to build the community and strengthen family bonds in the community. Mr. Jones listens to both parties. Mr. Jones does not speak for his clients. Mr.

Jones mediates his clients through solving their conflict. Moreover, Mr. Jones chose to become a mediator for teens and the teen’s family because he believes solving conflict between teens and the adults in teen’s lives is rewarding. Mr. Jones believes if the family structure is strong teens will have a better chance at life. Mr. Jones claims he would not change anything about his job. Additionally, Mr. Jones believes his personal beliefs and morals do not play apart on how he aids clients because Mr. Jones believes in serving everyone equally. Mr.

Jones claims his responsibilities are what he imagined before he took the job; however, he did not know that he was going to keep his input to himself and have clients willing to convey their thoughts with little interaction from him. * Advocate vs. Mediation * Mediator is limited concerning informing clients of the law. Mediators assist clients with coming to a mutual agreement voluntarily. In contrast, advocates assist their clients by advocating their clients in the direction that will help their client the most. Advocates are not supposed to contact clients represented by another advocate.

Moreover, an advocate in mediation can be part of the process. For example, two parties are going through an issue, and they cannot resolve their concerns. Mr. Jones as an advocate can talk to his clients and see if the client is willing to compromise to resolve the dispute. One believes the mediator’s role is important because mediators are looking out for both parties and ensuring the participants have a mutual agreement. * Conclusion One’s interview with Michael Jones Community Mediator consisted of learning Mr. Jones responsibilities and his personal connection to his job.

Mr. Jones is a mediator for teens and teen family. Ms. Jones enjoys assisting families with resolving their disputes. Mr. Jones is professional and does not involve his personal thoughts and beliefs with his clients. One also describes power limitations and compares the roles of mediators and advocates. One expresses when advocates are needed in mediation and is a mediator or an advocate more critical when in regard to problem solving.

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