Medical Dominance, Doctor-Patient Relationship and Deviant Behavior

7 July 2016

When we are sick, most of the people will go to hospital and seek help from doctors, because they have professional medical knowledge to help us cope with the diseases. Moreover, they are the important professions in the society, as everyone may get sick and they are the only one to help us relieve the pain. Therefore, this thought give rise to medical dominance over patients, other health care occupations and the whole society, resulting in an imbalance social power. Firstly, whenever we are born or died, only doctors can be the one to certificate our birth and death.

As everyone needs to experience these two stages, we can only take orders from them and then this doubtless increases the medical power for doctors. Secondly, most of the specialized services need the referral from general practitioner, since they serve as the first point of contact with patients; they own the right of approval over other health professions. Finally, doctors are eligible to order a prescription for sick person; they have legitimated control over us and the society. All these things show that doctors are in superiority over other occupations.

Medical Dominance, Doctor-Patient Relationship and Deviant Behavior Essay Example

However, I think this phenomenon is unfair and doctors should not hold too much medical autonomy in case the overuse of power occurred. Sometimes when I watched the newspaper, there is news about the professional misconduct of doctors, for example, inappropriate sexual contact with patents, illegal or unethical prescribing, inappropriate issuing of medical certificates or keeping of medical records and so on. According to BBC news dated 5 December 2007, a top Indian doctor sought over illegal infant scans for patient, in order to let the patient knows the gender of the baby.

However, medically-assisted sex selection is illegal in India to avoid abortion of girls as Indians often view a boy is superior to a girl. This reveals that doctors will also make use of their medical knowledge and power to break the law deliberately. In short, medical dominance has both advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, it benefits doctors to have autonomy to make a decision in professional practice individually, but it also entitles too much power over them to do illegal things.

In my point of view, doctors should have the right to grant access to examine patients’ body function and dominance in professionalism, but they need to act for the benefits of patients and the society as a whole, rather than caring for their own interest only, and thus to be a good caring professions Another topic concerned me most is doctor-patient relationship. I think a good relationship between doctor and patient is important, because it can develop trust and care with each other to increase the efficiency of consultation. Nowadays, doctors are usually in a more prominent position than patients.

It seems that doctor and patient are lack of interaction and communication; it is more likely to be a question and answer section rather than assessment. It is because based of my observations, most of the doctors just simply ask the patients’ questions like “What symptoms do you have? ”, “How long do you suffer from this disease? ”, “Do you suffer from any allergies? etc.. They just keep asking these kinds of question in order to quickly examine the diseases, and then said: “Next, please. ” I think this kind of act is a irresponsible and totally neglect the true needs of patients.

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