Medical Ethics Case Study Paper

1 January 2017

The incorporation of new technologies to support the work of these a specialist, particularly the internet and computerized networks, makes it easy to track individuals, identify their characteristics, and pinpoint their preferences and inclinations. Furthermore, the massive increase of information collection, storage, and retrieval associated with new technologies and industry demands for more information introduces a greater likelihood of data integrity concerns.

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Medical Records Administrators and health information professionals have been challenged in their work by ethical considerations with regard to informational privacy and data integrity. I am discussing the medical ethical considerations have expanded new challenges face these professionals to give the current advances in the use of information technologies. Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 3 Toe have been promoted as a Medical Records Administrator for Loe, a Director of GHI Nursing Home.

Toe have given Loe his very first assignment on his first day of work as a Medical Records Administrator to take up data for Loe can show to dilemmas to the hospital administrators. GHI Hospital is faced with issues to need high priority, which hospital administrators should be notified about dilemmas for a remedy to help keep nursing home in business. Toe was to look at the different dilemmas, which Loe had discussed with him during their first meet and capture only what were the essential dilemmas for the hospital administrators to know.

According to Toe (2012) asked about the following: How can we saved GHI Nursing Home from bankruptcy? (Harman, 2012, p. 22). Prior Toe had informed Loe of the medical dilemmas the nursing home faces, he has received a crown of the “Employee of the Month” as an excellent medical records administrator for job completed on a raining Monday morning. He will be graduating TUV University on the weekends. Toe will be starting his new position as a Medical Records Administrator for anything to stop him from becoming successful.

GHI Nursing Home’s dilemma is coping with the fall medical ethical and moral values towards the nursing home missions’ statement. GHI Nursing Home’s mission states as follows: Mission is selling a compassion of dying people with terminal illnesses in the communities for medical staff to serve through a comprehensive continuum of services to give in collaboration with the partners to share the same dream. (Harman, 2012, p. 22). According to Toe, there are less community members and partners to create another nursing home’s missions statement to attract more patients at the nursing home.

Community members want the nursing home’s mission statement with patients of races to work and live in harmony. Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 4 With the moral and medical ethical interpretations of the mission statement, the hospital is up against diverse cases to require a decision-making to upgrade the nursing home with new electronic health records online for medical staff to view in private.

The understanding of the mission statement is varying to attribute to one of the dilemmas the nursing home is faced with such as patient to reject medical services, do not resuscitate directives, how doctors are responding to the different medical ethical case scenarios, how certain government services and lawsuit affects the hospital. One illustration on dying patients feel the right to refuse certain medical services as a result of personal religious beliefs, which is not to accept any medical surgery.

Plus, there are medical staff members to refuse medical services. Dying patients do not have insurance for medical staff to receive help the nursing home, which is preventing from losing any money when medical staff do not provide services to non-insured patient. Another example would be the Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) directives. Some patients do not have their consent in written form, which it can be hard for the hospital to abide with the dying patients’ wishes.

The physician’s responds to the nursing home’s mission statement in various medical ethics case studies’ scenarios to abide by their oath, which is giving services as high quality patients’ care. High quality patients’ care is depending on the physician for compassion about the dying patient and their right to die. The physician is balancing the nursing home’s mission statement, which is based on his or her personal belief to interpret the mission statement. In other words, the nursing home is dealing with other organizations such as the Love Ones To Die With Dignity.

According to Toe, the nursing home had a case in the dying patients’ room, where the Elderly Society Well is in taking custody of the elderly to threaten of filing charges against us because of the way physicians to provide services to the elderly patient to die with Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 5 dignity due to terminal illnesses. Another contribution to the dilemma is how the online internet news represents the nursing home on the headline news as medical errors cause many thousands of deaths each year to shut down over a hundred thousand in nursing home alone.

According to Toe (2012), online news coverage causes a decrease of the number of dying patients for nursing home serve each year. With the lower number of dying patients are translating to the decrease of revenue for the hospital to affect the nursing home’s budget. Compare to the previous year, the nursing home lost a lower percentage of the patient population. The nursing home has a small percentage of yearly fixed cost, which is required to run the nursing home business such as paying the bills to include paying the employees, utilities equipment maintenance and serving the people. Harman, 2012, p. 23).

Some of the information is showing nursing home needs to keep over seven thousand and over thirty-nine thousand days of patient days. Nursing home will need to reduce fixed cost at a small percentage. The fixed cost cannot reduced for a decrease in the patient admittance for service less income the hospital receives. The nursing home needs to decide on cutting the cost on the fixed cost just to break even to keep the nursing home running. Some of the tough decisions would decrease the nursing home’s headcount.

To help settle the issues and dilemmas, Toe’s hospital administrator needs to sit down and come up with ideas to help the nursing home to resolve the dilemmas. Toe come up with remedy on to resolve the dilemma to maintain and identify the nursing home’s mission statement, which is providing a clear, concise procedures and policies to implement.

Nursing home’s policies and procedures has developed medical staff to familiarize with the needs completed, when the Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 6 edical staffs are faced with various cases. It is very hard to write down every single item for medical staff do, which the medical field is unpredictable and impossible to remember. Medical staff member should concentrate on pertinent issues and quality care for the dying patients. The nursing home needs to focus on abiding by law to stay in operation while making the policies and procedures. The nursing home cannot refuse care for non-insured patient to face with a terminal illness such as Alzheimer’s disease.

By refusing care, the nursing home will be faced with lawsuits when the Alzheimer’s patient is dying or cost more harm and injuries. In addition, when the “Do Not Resuscitate” is not in a written form, there is not any question by the staff members but to provide the medical service needed by the patient. Solution two that Toe has remedy two to think of taking a survey of employees according to their personal beliefs of how any nursing home patient should be treated with dignity and respect. Nursing home’s survey on the employee’s record of policies and procedures, which are clearly understood by nursing home’s staff.

This survey will be tracking what percent of the employees understand the nursing home’s mission statement. When the percent of the survey falls less than one hundred percent from the mission statement, GHI nursing home needs to upgrade their training of employees about the policies and procedures of the nursing home. To help improve and increase the numbers of patients are coming to GHI nursing home, Toe has remedy three is attracting terminally ill patients on visiting to GHI nursing home for to help the flow of patients.

Advertising is the better marketing tool through the internet such as the quality patient service to receive at the nursing home as outstanding, patient commitments and community service for patient care for the nursing home provides. By having more patients, medical accountant should help offset the fixed cost on operating the nursing home. Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 7 Toe needs to draw any decision-making techniques the hospital administrator should use in figuring out the dilemmas at GHI nursing home, which the technique should be dimensional analysis.

Dimensional Analysis techniques is a “checklist (Wikipedia, 2012) to illustrates Five W’s and H, use as an aide memoir for initial explain of any dilemma or evaluating options, particularly medical staff is associated with human relations rather than of a technical nature”. (Wikipedia, 2012, p. 1). By identifying the five W’s (Who, What, Where, When) and H (How), Dimensional Analysis should be assisting in finding one remedy. Toe is putting the policies and procedures in place as the best remedy.

By following procedures, nursing home employees are serving the nursing home will have a clear and concise knowledge of the nursing home’s mission statement. This will help alleviate the in controversy of downgrading at the nursing home. The five W’s and H can be represented by substantive dimension (Who? ), spatial dimension (where? ), temporal (When? ), quantitative (How much? ), and qualitative (How serious? ). Some of the questions are substantive dimension or what asks the question like as follows: Is it necessary to change attitudes or practices? Wikipedia, 2012, p. 2).

Another is spatial dimension or who, asks the question such as “Recognize the exact area concerned”. (Wikipedia, 2012, p. 2). After identifying problem and the effects of GHI nursing home, Loe is demonstrating to the nursing home administrators the remedies, which are feasible and achievable. It is not going an easy task to get all the nursing home administrators to agree on the remedies, but will help identify all the dilemmas need to resolve and in medical staffs’ mind.

When the dilemmas are not solve immediately, there is a chance the nursing home will lose more money by losing more patients. Without the elderly patients are coming into the nursing home, the nursing home will Running head: Medical Ethics Case Study on Medical Records Administrator 8 not be around to serve the community. Like any businesses, GHI nursing home is earning money to be able to operate and serve elderly and terminally ill patients. The remedy is showing the nursing home administrators to run GHI nursing home as the best business in the United States.

In closing, the nursing home need to send out flyers throughout the neighborhood of the best service for GHI nursing home provides. Once the trust from the community comes into the nursing home, nursing home accountants should help balance the budget once the flow of patients start to increase. The nursing home administrators has come to an agreement on maintaining the mission statement of the nursing home and its survival. Without the mission statement, the nursing home’s spiritual morals and principles will not to exist.

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