Medical Marijuana Essay Research Paper I decided

9 September 2017

Marijuana And Medicine Essay, Research Paper

Medical Marijuana Essay Research Paper I decided Essay Example

I decided upon the inquiry? Should Marijuana be Medicine? ? because I wanted

to corroborate my strong beliefs of an anti-drug policy, but after research, my

attitude towards medical marihuanas changed because it seems the benefits far

out-weigh the hazards. Of the 60 some chemicals unique to the marihuana works, the

chief psychotropic ingredient and the 1 for researching the physiological as good

as the psychological function in the anandamide system is delta-9

THC, or more normally known as THC. The anandamide system is

concerned with temper, memory and knowledge, perceptual experience, motion, coordination,

slumber, thermoregulation, appetency, and immune response ( a ) . Cannabis is the term

used to depict the dried hemp spike. When burned and inhaled, the hemp

receptors bond to the macrophages in the encephalon and spinal column, which control the

anandamide system. Macrophages are chemicals in the organic structure, which attack the

infected countries in the organic structure and assist take away the waste from an hurt ( a ) . Tetrahydrocannabinol

Acts of the Apostless as a accelerator in this procedure. It speeds up the macrophages? disposal of

the waste and is why curative alleviation comes as such a rapid oncoming to the user

( B ) . Even though the THC bonds with the procedures traveling on inside the encephalon,

there are few THC receptors in the portion of the encephalon that controls the basic

life maps therefore doing it impossible for cannabis poisoning to take

to decease ( degree Celsius ) . There are strong links to cannabis alleviating achings and strivings,

blunting the symptoms of opiate backdown, bettering slumber, cut downing anxiousness,

and relieving the emesis, anorexia, and depression associated with certain

AIDS related upsets, specifically AIDS blowing syndrome ( degree Celsius ) . Some surveies have

besides shown that hemp can alleviate musculus cramps particularly in multiple

induration patients? ( B ) . ? With smoke-cured marihuanas, patients get immediate

alleviation, whereas with the unwritten drug they get a delayed, large haste of

unpleasantness. ? Studies on animate beings have shown it could besides rather perchance

be an anticonvulsant. Doctors have been able to do a man-made delta-9

THC, which they call Nabilone, that helps alleviate sickness and

purging after chemotherapy and may present as the strongest grounds that

cannabinoids do work ( a ) . It is a non-psychotropic drug and hence greater

accepted. Research workers have besides developed a delta-8 THC, which

they call dronabinol ( a ) . This unwritten drug has proven itself in exciting the

appetency of AIDS patients and has won blessing from the American Food and Drug

Association ; one of merely three drugs approved for this intervention. This drug has

besides been found to hold analgetic and anti-inflammatory belongingss along with

possible anxiolytic, hypnotic, and antidepressant belongingss, which gives this

drug a profile unique to other adult male made drugs, and is obliging plenty for

farther surveies ( a ) . The inauspicious effects have besides been studied and at that place hold

been no deceases due to cannabis toxicity entirely. Some of the most common side

effects include sedation, euphory, anxiousness, and paranoia, dry oral cavity, blurred

vision, and incoordination. Dependence can happen but withdrawal symptoms are

mild. The fume is toxic and may increase the hazard of cardiovascular and

respiratory disease ( a ) . When I began this survey, I was greatly opposed to

marihuana for whatever ground it was being used, but now that I have found more

information on the topic, my sentiment has decidedly swayed. I have attained a

greater understanding for how this drug interacts with the organic structure and why it has

the effects on hurting that it does. I think that if I were to roll up more

research, particularly now that medical marihuana is really a well-thought-of subject

and no longer a gag, I think that I would happen even more grounds as to why this

drug should be earnestly considered for curative grounds. One of the grounds

that this drug is so frowned upon is that society has taken for granted and

abused a really alone and perchance good drug hence about for good

attaching a bad name and detaining the necessary research which could be seting

1000000s to ease. ( a ) British medical diary Cannabis as a medical specialty The major

point that this article brought out was that delta-9 THC, the

active ingredient in marihuana more normally known as THC, does ease a broad

assortment of assorted symptoms from achings and strivings to AIDS related upsets. They

depict how patients told their physicians how effectual hemp is in alleviating

achings and strivings, blunting the symptoms of opiate backdown, bettering slumber,

cut downing anxiousness, and relieving the emesis, anorexia, and depression

associated with AIDS related upsets. It besides discussed how THC Acts of the Apostless as a

accelerator in the anandamide system, which helps dispose of the waste from an

hurt, and is involved with temper, memory and knowledge, perceptual experience, motion,

coordination, slumber, thermoregulation, appetency, and immune response. They besides

explained that there is a man-made signifier of delta-9 THC,

Nabilone, which is non psychotropic like the natural signifier and has been proven to

alleviate sickness and emesis after chemotherapy. There is another drug called

dronabinol, which stimulates the appetency of AIDS patients and is so effectual

that the American Food and Drug Association has approved of it. All these

groundss help my statement that marihuana should be a drug available by

prescription but strongly regulated so misuse can be avoided. This article besides

mentioned the side effects of hemp, which include sed

ation, minor

psychological and physical systems, and mal interaction with the cardinal nervous

system perchance doing depression. All of these negatives are minor when

compared to the broad list of benefits this drug can hold. I found the most

information in this article and it was presented in a sophisticated yet

apprehensible manner. ( B ) Issues in Science and Technology From marihuana to

medicate The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy asked the

Institute of Medicine ( IOM ) to find the hazards and benefits of marihuana and

their findings were displayed in this article. They found that marihuana is

potentially effectual in handling hurting, sickness, and purging but the curative

effects and mild when compared to other medical specialties. However, a bulk of

patients do non take good to these adult male made drugs and hence would instead

fume marihuana with no bad reaction at all. There is besides conclusive grounds

that it stops musculus cramps in multiple induration patients. All of these

findings support my side of the statement. They did state that there are besides

inauspicious effects to chronic smoke which include increased hazard of lung malignant neoplastic disease,

lung harm, and jobs with gestations, but when patients use the drug

purely for medical intents and non on a regular footing there is really really

small hazard. Trials have been approved for six-month tests on patients who seem

most likely to profit. They want to do absolutely clear that the end of these

trials is non to happen grounds to do marijuana legal but to happen new drugs

related to the compounds found in the works, specifically, delta-9

THC. Another point that this article brought up was that the

wellness jeopardies identified with marihuanas use are from the fume inhaled during

consumption and non from the existent drug. Another advantage of marihuanas that they

pointed out was that its drug consequence has a rapid oncoming unlike adult male made drugs. I

felt that this was the least helpful article, of the three I found, in supporting

my claim that marihuana should be used as medical specialty because I was able to happen

the contained information in my first beginning and it was presented excessively novice.

( degree Celsius ) Consumer Reports Marijuana as Medicine- How strong is the scientific discipline? This

cyberspace site neatly outlined all the pros and cons of medical marihuana. It

foremost started with the injury it can do and the effects it has on the encephalon,

which concern coordination and short term memory. Even when they were turn toing

the cons of the drug, they mentioned that it is impossible to take a fatal dosage

of marihuana because there are barely any THC receptors in the country of the encephalon

that control the basic life maps. Another statement they brought up against

marihuana is that there are 50-70 % more known carcinogens than baccy fume and

more annoying atoms are sent to the lungs because there is no filter used

and articulations are normally smoked down to the last fraction of an inch. Users besides

attempt to keep the fume in every bit long as possible which farther irritates the lungs.

These statements are from a user prospective though and more safeguards would be

taken if the drug were being used medically. The article so went on to

depict the good marihuana can make. Less is known about the good side

because the Government has refused support so research, at this point, is at a

practical deadlock. The research workers that can afford it are interested in three

major countries: sickness from chemotherapy, AIDS blowing syndrome, and spasticity.

Doctors speculated that the one major difference between the man-made

Marinol pills and smoked marihuana is that the fume enters the blood stream

instantly, leting patients to command their ain dosage, whereas the unwritten

version is absorbed easy over a longer sum of clip and alleviation is non felt

as rapidly. I felt that this was the 2nd best article in assisting to support my

base on medical marihuana. I learned from this procedure that there are books

located near the entryway to the library which give subjects like the one I found

along with a brief sum-up of the inquiry and a list of beginnings to utilize. That

book was where I found both my periodical and diary beginnings and truly made

the research procedure an easy one. I besides learned that it is easier to happen one

good beginning and make up one’s mind on your subject when you do so even though I understand

that that may non needfully be the instance each clip a research study is

assigned. The writers of each of my texts, I made certain, are believable. Dr. Philip

Robson, writer of Cannabis as medical specialty: Time for the Phoenix to lift? is a

member of the British Medical Association and is a senior clinical lector at

Warneford Hospital in Oxford. The three writers of From Marijuana to Medicate

have high position places and are respected in their field. John A. Benson is

dean and professor of medical specialty emeritus at Oregon Health Sciences University

School of Medicine, Portland. Stanley J. Watson, Jr. , is coordinator and

research scientist at the Mental Health Research Institute, University of

Michigan, Ann Arbor. Janet E. Joy is a senior plan officer at the Institute

of Medicine. There is no writer stated for the cyberspace site but Consumer

Reports is a good recognized and believable establishment.

( a ) British Medical Journal. Cannabis as a Medicine: Time for the Phoenix to

rise? London: Robinson, 1998. ( B ) Issues in Science and Technology. From

Marijuana to Medicine. Washington: Spring, 1999. ( degree Celsius ) Consumer Reports. Marijuana

as Medicine- How strong is the scientific discipline? hypertext transfer protocol: //

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