Medical Science

4 April 2017

The history of civilization shows how man always has to choose between making the right or wrong use of the discoveries of science. This has never been more true & relevant than in our own age. We should be grateful & thankful to Scientist & inventors like Thomas Edison, James Watt, Howard Aiken (father of modern computers) & hundreds of other great pioneers who invented the modern marvels for our daily use.

It would be ungrateful on our part not to recognize how immense are the boons which modern technology has given to mankind. If you still think that modern technology is a curse it is only because men with destructive minds has misused the marvel of science. Just take a look at the domestic scene. Can we think of living without Computers, electric lights or fans? Is it possible to continue cooking on coal when we can use gas-stove? Can we live without watching any movies or listening to any music?

Can people be able to live a healthy life if medical science was not such advanced?? What will we do without printing, Xeroxing & modern methods of publishing? The education system will also not be the same without any technology. Medical science has become so advanced that I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a cure for AIDS. There was a time when diseases such as malaria, influenza & TB were considered to be incurable. But now even some forms of Cancer are curable. All this would not have been possible if it were not for the progress made by medical science.

Yes, technology & scientific invention has its disadvantages also. But it will be wrong on our part to blame technology for whatever damage that has happened in our world. A car is a wonderful gift of technology to mankind. But a reckless driver is capable of using it as a weapon of destruction. We know how useful aeroplanes are in today’s world. But after the 9/11 episode, we are also aware of its destructive powers. Television is a mean of instruction & entertaining people but it is often used…

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