Medicare’s Dilemma

4 April 2015
This paper examines the political, social and economic woes of Medicare’s drug problem: No prescription coverage for the disabled and the elderly.

This paper covers the much debated issue of the Medicare program?s lack of prescription drug coverage for the elderly and disabled in the US. A brief history of the program itself, descriptions of and actions taken by the key players in the debate, including the Medicare recipients themselves, support/interest groups such as the AARP, the government, pharmaceutical agencies, and the American public are included.

From the paper:

`At the time of its establishment in 1965 through to the present, the U.S. Medicare program was designed to provide quality health care services for elderly and disabled Americans. The two-part program provides coverage for hospital visits as well as a limited amount of medical insurance to aid with doctors? bills and things of the like. Although it has always been one of the most popular federal programs among elderly and younger citizens alike, the Medicare program has been and remains to grow progressively ineffective in providing quality health care to its recipients.

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While issues such as the exclusion of certain medical procedures from Medicare?s coverage realm have come and gone, the single most longstanding issue of debate is that of prescription drugs.`

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