7 July 2019

Dave Mustaine and his cohorts who make up the band Megadeth are out touring again following the release of their appropriately-named album “Countdown To Extinction.” Politically- outspoken Mustaine throws in his commentary on the ex-president in between their thunderously heavy songs. The band has become a link between heavy metal and politics, thus moving it into the category of a “thinking man’s band.” The music serves two purposes in my opinion: to inform kids and teens that they have a say in this society, and simply to be enjoyed.

Megadeth articulated such difficult pieces as “Holy Wars” and “Foreclosure of a Dream.” The former refers to violence as being unholy (therefore “holy war” is a paradox) and the latter refers to, most probably, the Bush Administration’s failings. It just goes to show that the far left-wing Mustaine must speak his mind. Incidentally, Suicidal Tendencies opened for Megadeth; the show as a whole was extraordinary. I recommend that any metalhead go. But bring your earplugs! n

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