Melodrama Review

7 July 2019

Imagine this, a boy at a party in the corner away from the crowd. He pulls up his phone and starts to listen to music. The first song the comes up is a song he has never heard. The singer had a soft gentle voice and even though talking about a somewhat sensitive subject. Her voice as soft as a silk and her words sang just like a true poet. This Is what I thought“Liability” the first time I heard it. That was also how I discovered “Melodrama”, Lorde’s newest album. “Melodrama” is put together beautifully, but is also an album that needs a little bit of work. After I listened to the album I would like to share my opinion on the song Liability, on the album itself, and on Lorde as an artist.

My opinion on the song “Liability” is very positive since it’s now one of my favorite songs.

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Melodrama Review
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I really like this song probably for the story it tells. It’s about a young girl living and having one of the best summers of her life. When the summer is over she goes back to see her summer “friends”, then realizes that they moved on without her. This song very is powerful and poetic. Due to those reasons that is why Liability is one of my favorite songs. But When it comes to the album that’s a different story.

When it comes to Lorde’s new album it wasn’t the best. Her other album “Pure Heroine”, was one of my favorite albums but “Melodrama” is not very good. I’m not saying she’s a bad artist, it’s just that I don’t like the album. In her “Pure Heroine” she talks, or sings technically, about things I can relate to. Her single “Tennis Court” talks about people who put up fronts so everyone around them will never actually how they feel. “Pure Heroine” has three really good songs. The songs are called “Tennis Court”, “Royals”, and “Team”. On the album “Melodrama” there are only two songs I like. The songs are called “Green Light” and of course “Liability”. “Green Light” is the most popular song from the album, but I think “Liability” is the better. A lot the things she does when compared to the rest of her stuff isn’t the best.

I may not like Melodrama as much as “Pure Heroine”, but that doesn’t mean I dislike Lorde. Lorde was very young when her first album came out at the age of 17. It took four years for Lorde to release her second album. Lorde as a person seems like a girl who wants people to see how fun she is before, so they don’t see how she’s hurting on the inside. My reasoning for this is the song “Liability”. Some lyrics in the song include, “I know that it’s exciting running through the night, but every perfect summer’s eating me alive until you’re gone.” But after listening to “Liability” I still love the song.

After listening to the album about 15 times I have only a few things to say. I may only really favor one song from the album and dislike the rest, I still like Lorde, even if I don’t like all of her music.

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