Melville and Moby Dick

4 April 2015
A selective list of periodicals where critical studies of “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville appear.

As one of the most popular and criticized books of the past, we can find many books and hundreds of articles on Melville and Moby Dick. Written in 1851, “Moby-Dick” tells the story of whaling and of the hunt for Moby-Dick, a fierce white whale known to the sailors of Melville’s time. This paper provides a highly selective list of biographical and critical studies where articles on Moby Dick appear, and a summary of each article.
Michael V Adams in his article Whaling and Difference: Moby-Dick Deconstructed published in the New Orleans Review (1983) analyzes the myth of Moby Dick. He presents the allure of the whale and what makes it so fascinating to the Captain’s like Ahab. He covers the basic myth through a study of the society and times and suggests how the whale came to dominate Ahab. By demystifying Moby, Adams creates a more inherent understanding of Ahab and allows the reader to perceive the whole event in a more human manner and thus, more acceptable.
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