Memorable Experience

7 July 2017

A Memorable Event in my life The excitement around receiving a driver’s license permit is one of the few crazes that lingers, especially to recent high school graduate students. The events revolving my experience on getting my California drivers permit vary from having to deal with unpleasant surroundings, never-ending lines, and incredibly rude individuals. In the end, it was an experience worthwhile. As a recent high school graduate, I recall many of my fellow classmates having diminutive goals.

There focus was inclined more awards going to prom, going out with friends, and like most teenagers focal goal to acquire a car for transportation. My objective was to graduate high school and continue with whichever for coming events followed. When I turned eighteen soon after graduation the important event I was concentrated on was preparing myself to receive my driver’s permit. I knew that by obtaining my California drivers license permit I would be one-step closer to get my own car, have more independence, and freedom.

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In addition, I would have the ability to come and go as I pleased. Simply, by acknowledging that I had that piece of paper, I would feel more responsible and adult-like. Beginning the process in obtaining my permit should not have been so confusing. Knowing that in order to receive a permit I had to pass a written exam, a few nights before the written exam portion I would set roughly an hour to review my booklet and study. Because of that, I felt as if I knew what to expect, little did I know what would occur the day of my written test.

The day started off smooth, I had an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles at eleven in the morning, hermetically when you have an appointment it makes reason for visit faster. The DMS is typically filled with individuals that Just want to get things done and depart, and then there are the individuals that cause our day to be longer. When I departed from home at nine thirty in the morning and got to the building, I immediately saw how the line wrapped around it.

There were so many different types of persons filling up the line standing under the early-mid day sun. Luckily, it was during the fall season so the sun was not beaming as hard as it would during the summer. As I got dropped off, I had my booklet in hand and headed towards the line. I stood in line with the tremendous amount of people for about two hours until I had realized that my appointment time had come and gone as I continued to wait and study. Soon after I decided to walk away from the non-advancing line and ask the security guard at the door what was going on.

He then continued to tell me that there systems had to decide to take a little vacation and they were working on the problem. As my day progressed I continued to wait, the line began to become smaller as people began to apart. Soon after, I found myself in a very brief conversation with a very grimy male standing in front of me. This chap was telling me that he was here to take his driving permit written exam also. I asked him what his opinion was on everything that was response, he responded, “l don’t care for chit-chat, I Just want to get this and be done”.

I felt the same way as him but I did not speak in that manner. Finally the DMS security guard walked out of the building and announced that the system was up and running and they would do the best to make up for the time lose. As individuals n line began to enter and exit the building it was finally my turn to enter, pick up a ticket number, and wait some more. After waiting for roughly one more hour, my ticket number was called I went up to the service window.

The woman behind the window asked me what I needed help with and I told her that I wanted to take my driving permit test. She then handed me an exam and directed me towards the test taking area. While approaching the test taking area I accidentally bumped into the rude chap that was in front of me in line. He had an anxious look on his face, as if he id not know how to respond the questions. I began to get nervous when I saw his facial expressions and body language before I had even glanced at the exam.

I got to my area and placed my test on the hard, cold, wooden surface I then began by reading the first question. To my amaze, the questions were so simple at that moment my anxiety was all gone. I breezed through the questions reading each one carefully and answering it with the best choice. When I was finally done with my exam, I gathered my things and went back to the window. I handed the woman my est. then began to get more anxious as I saw the woman’s red pen move back and forth.

In my mind, I kept thinking she was marking all of the questions as wrong. She was finally done correcting my exam then continued on and called me up by name, as I approached her window I maintained eye contact with her, her facial expression went from dim and dull to cheerful and perky. She handed me back my test and said with delight in her voice, “congratulations, you passed”. I felt so content to have passed my driving permit exam and finally receive my official driving permit.

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