Memory Exercises Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Memory is a really of import facet of our lives. Without memory we would hold to relearn everything we do on a day-to-day footing from eating. to brushing our dentitions. to speaking. to driving and so on. It would be practically impossible for us to carry through anything! Besides our bing memories it is besides of import for us to be able to organize new memories so that we can larn information and be productive. Michael seems to hold an issue organizing new memories and deriving information. He is burying a batch of little things such as the food market list and in larning stuff such as at the conference. From the information given. though. it seems that he has a batch of emphasis in his life right now. He is concerned about the security of his occupation. upset about the fact that he may be excessively old to do the calling alteration to his ain pattern. and because of his occupation he may be confronting a divorce. These are all important concerns at this point in his life. I believe that in Michael’s instance there are two things traveling on. The first is that he is being distracted by the jobs in his life and hence unable to concentrate.

The 2nd thing that I believe is traveling on is that because of his distractions his head is non able to remain in a province of directed attending and alternatively is often exchanging back into fluxing consciousness. Directed attending is when “attention is intentionally focused on the present stimulation or inner thoughts” where fluxing consciousness is a “dreamlike attending that is focused more on inward ideas. ” ( Donnelan. 2011. pg 13-14 ) Working memory can be described with a expression “working memory = short term memory content + procedure for retrieving ( attending ) . ” ( Donnelan. 2011. pg 2 ) In other words. working memory is comprised of the information being input into our short term memory such as in a talk and of our directed attending. Both of these are required because without the content in our short term memory we would hold nil to work with and without the attending so there isn’t any focal point to set the information to utilize. It is required that information goes through the on the job memory before it of all time reaches our long term memory.

Memory Exercises Essay Sample Essay Example

Since our encephalons can merely keep seven points ( give or take two ) in our short term memory it is necessary that the information be encoded into our long term memory for later retrieval. Since Michael has a batch of emphasis in his life. those stressors are taking up a batch of his clip. emotions. and attending doing it hard to concentrate on anything else or give his attending to another affair. When it came to the food market list. his married woman gave him the information and he was able to reiterate it back to her so the information had entered his encephalon but because he was most likely distracted and hence non giving his full attending to the list. it didn’t acquire to travel through a dry run cringle adequate times to be encoded into his long term memory. Since the points on the list were non in his long term memory he besides wholly forgot about the shop at all. With the conference. he was most likely hearing all of the information in the talk but was in a province of fluxing consciousness alternatively of directed attending so any information his encephalon took in was instantly forgotten.

This province of fluxing consciousness was most likely brought on by concern for his occupation and personal life. The notes he had are likely a consequence of the teacher doing of import points obvious so Michael was brought back to directed attending long plenty to jot down a few things and so went right back to fluxing consciousness. There are a batch of things that Michael could make in order to better his memory. The first two things I would urge are marriage guidance and holding a 2nd occupation lined up in instance the current 1 falls through. I suggest these things foremost because they are evidently the issues that are doing his preoccupation and therefore his deficiency of attending to other of import affairs at manus. Lining up a 2nd occupation will assist with his current work state of affairs because he will be less stressed about the thought of losing his occupation and non being able to supply for himself or his household. Right now he has all of his eggs in one basket and he needs to divide them a small spot. The matrimony guidance is evidently to assist with his relationship with his married woman. Possibly through reding she will see what sort of emphasis he is under and will be more understanding.

Once he has his married woman endorsing him up once more I’m sure he will be less stressed. Those things are non traveling to go on instantly though so it is besides of import to work on memory schemes until his emphasis is lessened or gone. The first thing I would propose making is taking notes of the smaller things in his life so that he will be less likely to bury. For case with the food market list. if he had had a physical list he most likely wouldn’t have forgotten to travel to the shop because he would hold had something touchable to remind him. He surely wouldn’t have forgotten the points his married woman asked him to recover. This will besides assist with his to make list throughout the twenty-four hours. I’m certain if his memory jobs are severe plenty so he is burying other things that need to be done. With a to make list he will. once more. hold something touchable that he can look into off and do sure he has gotten to everything. Another option I might propose to him is journaling. Through journaling he will be able to alleviate some of the emphasis that he is traveling to and be able to work through his emotions. If his married woman is endangering divorce so he may non hold anyone that he can turn to and acquiring his feelings and ideas out on paper should be good for him.

I besides think journaling will assist his memory because he may hold something hidden in his head that he wasn’t able to recover but in the procedure of composing down the day’s events and emotions he may be able to remember excess things from his twenty-four hours. The last thing I would propose is to work on mystifiers. With a mystifier such as a crossword a individual is required to utilize the on the job memory. short term memory. and even long term memory. Michael would be required to concentrate his attending and read the inquiries. While seeking for an reply he would be drawing information from his long term memory and running it through his short term seeking to happen a solution. I think this would be a great exercising for him to finish. As shown here by Michael. our memory is really of import in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives. It is of import that we maintain our encephalons working in order to be able to recover all of the information that is stored at that place. Everyone has experienced a clip in their lives where they were highly stressed and were unable to concentrate and invariably felt like they were merely drifting through life. During those times we must retrieve that no affair what our mental province is. there is still information being presented that needs to be processed. We have now learned multiple tools for maintaining the emphasis at bay and working our memories when that merely isn’t possible.


Donnelan. E. ( 2011 ) . PS-200. Unpublished manuscript ( -4 ) .

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