When you turn on the news and see mass shootings, what do you think of? The thoughts that come to my mind are what could drive these people to hurt innocent citizens. There has to be some voice in these people’s heads telling them to pull back the trigger or a reason why they act out the way they do. Something In the biology of their human brain has malfunctioned. These people have a mental illness. In my paper I will informing you with the biology of a mental illness.

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The specific Information of the biology of a mental Illness I will be telling you about Is what the iology of a mental illness it, diagnosing a mental illness, and how the biology of mental disorders has affected the world. To understand the biology of a mental Illness you need to know what It means or what I am trying to explain to you. The definition of Biology is the study ofa living organism. The definition of a mental illness is any disease of the mind. By knowing this knowledge the biology of a mental Illness must mean It Is the study of a living organism with a mental illness.

The biology of a mental illness is called Biological Psychiatry. The “technical” definition of Biological Psychiatry is according to lctlonary. reference. com Is, “a school of psychiatric thought concerned with the medical treatment of mental disorders, especially through medication, and emphasizing the relationship between behavior and brain function and the search for physical causes of mental Illness. ” In my opinion the biology of a mental Illness Is the most complex and interesting. A mental illness is development in the brain, so the biology of a mental illness has to do with the structure and development of the brain.

This Is why I think the biology of a mental illness seems very complex. The rain is something that is one of the most important thing to be informed about and understand because it is what controls most human species and animals on the world today. This Is why the biology

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of brain dealing with mental illnesses Is a very important study. A mental disorder is a disease, not some weakness of character. Mentally ill people have a biological disease and need treatment, not to thrown into a jail cell. The diagnoses of a mental Illness Is very different from any other disease.

It is difficult to understand the biology ofa mental illness because it is hard to iagnose. For example you cannot Just look at a child or an adult and diagnose them with autism or depression. This is one reason people are sometimes misdiagnosed or not diagnosed with a disease they should be. The diagnosing ofa mental illness can be very difficult. There are many examples proving diagnosing a mental illness is difficult. For example according to apa. org, “Diagnosing mental Illness Isn’t Ilke diagnosing other chronic diseases. Heart disease is identified with the help of blood tests and electrocardiograms.

Diabetes is diagnosed by measuring blood glucose levels. But classifying mental Illness Is a more subjective endeavor. No blood test exists for depression; no X-ray can identify a child at risk of developing bipolar disorder. At least, not yet. ” This proves that diagnosing a mental illness isnt like any other diseases and can be very difficult. You are probably wondering why this Is so important. Diagnosing a mental illness is very important. If you cannot diagnose the person with a mental illness, then there is no mental illness. No mental illness that help us diagnose mental illness to people that need to be diagnosed.

Scientists re making progress though towards understanding details of the underlying biology of mental disorders. Thanks to new tools in genetics and neuroimaging have helped with a further understanding to the biology of mental disorders. There is one problem though. Experts do not agree on how far we can push these new tools in genetics and neuroimaging. Scientist are not sure yet if mental illnesses are simply physical diseases that happen to strike the brain or do these disorders belong to a class all their own. Diagnosing a metal disorder is very important to the biology of a mental illness.

Think about it, there could be a person walking the streets right now with a mental illness not diagnosed. This one person could be the next mass shooter at your school. This is very scary to think about isn’t it? Understand the importance of diagnosing a mental illness related to biology, because the next mass shooting could be your problem. Mental disorders have affected the world in many ways. Mental disorders has helped us further understand the brain and human behavior, but on the other hand mental illness have caused people to act rationally and tainted many people both mental and physically.

The biology of mental illnesses really helps people understand these actions caused by a mental illness or how they behave. Biology is furthering our understanding in many other fields of knowledge. Biological Psychiatry helps us understand the behavior of someone who has a mental disorder by understanding the brain. For example according to science. education. nih. gov, “As scientists continue to investigate mental illnesses and their causes, they learn more and more about how the biological processes that make the brain work are changed when a person has a mental illness…. ….

Hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions occur every second in the brain; those reactions underlie the thoughts, actions, and behaviors with which we respond to environmental stimuli. In short, the brain dictates the internal processes and behaviors that allow us to survive. ” The brain controls people’s actions and thought, therefore if someone has a mental disorder in their brain their emotions, thoughts, and actions will be effected. Knowing that mental disorders affect people’s actions and thoughts, this must mean mass killings and rational actions could be connected with a mental disorder.

For example many murderers in the world or people that have caused tragedies have suffered with a mental illness. According to cbsnews. com, “There have been more than 20 mass shooting in the U. S. over the past seven years, including those in Tucson, Ariz. , Aurora, Colo. , and at Virginia Tech, three instances where mental illness was an underlying cause. Dr. Torrey says the U. S. has fallen down on the Job of treating society’s mentally ill and links this failure to the mass shootings. “They’re directly related. About half of these mass killings are being done by people with severe ental illness, mostly schizophrenia,” he tells Kroft. If they were being treated, [the mass shootings perpetrated by mentally ill] would have been preventable. ” This quote obviously proves how mass shooting can be prevented if with get mental ill people treatment and diagnose them. I am not saying that there will never be any shootings in the world or people will never act irrationally, but it is possible if we get mentally ill people help it would be a benefit to the society around them and a benefit to their life. Image having to deal with a voice in your head telling you things ave to deal with daily.

In my opinion this would make me feel dysfunctional. Overall, what I am trying to say is mental illnesses have effect the world. What I am trying to relate this too is how cancer has affected the world. We needed to treat mental illness like a biological disease, not a weakness of character. Someone with a weakness of character wouldn’t go and massacre innocent people. A mental disorder is a disease that needs to be treated and not Just throw the people in prison to root. I would also like to include the history on how mentally ill people were treated and ow they were treated was unjust.

At this time in history we were not as advanced in the biology of the brain dealing with mental illnesses. Our advanced technology allows us to look at a picture of the brain and understand biological disorders. Back when we didn’t have this advanced technology we could not understand the biology of a mental illness. What I am trying to say is people with a mental illness were treated horrible. They either lived with their mental illness because we were not advanced in technology or the people with a mental illness were put into an insane asylum. In the insane asylums the people put into them were treated unpleasant.

For example in the insane asylums the scientists would do projects on the people that were mental ill involving their brains that would sometimes make them even more dysfunctional or even kill them. This is all because we were not advanced in the biology of the brain dealing with mental disorders. I do not want this to be the solution to mental illnesses, to Just be put in insane asylum. People with a mental illness should feel like they have a safe place to go if they need help and treatment to help them deal with their mental illness or illnesses.

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