2 February 2017

I believe in order for a mentor program to be successful there should be a formal type of structure with support from all levels of management. I believe that employees who are going into the mentoring program as either Mentees or Mentors should also be motivated individuals who choose to participate and not instructed to do so.If I were building a mentoring program I would first start with a formal structure that would have a set up of expectations as a mentor and a mentee of what is expected from both parties. I would complete a match process for mentors to mentees that would use a character/trait comparison of what accomplishments both have and attempt to match up the mentors to mentees with strong consideration of experiences both parties have. 2.

Protege’s would benefit from a mentor in several ways, first they gain a better understand of the work culture that exists form the mentor.In that the mentor can show the Protege much of the culture in the organization in which the Protege can learn from the mentor how to interact with others throughout the organization. The mentor can also learn from the Protege in a different manner such as learning a new perspective from that individual. The mentor can also learn a leadership style such as transformational in which they learn how to influence the Protege to become a successful individual within the organization. 3. I would say the primary trust in mentor relationships would be Knowledge-Based Trust.I believe that most mentoring relationships are created so that the mentor can share their knowledge to the mentee and they establish a trust in that type of relationship so that the Mentor can provide the knowledge they have learned over a long period of time to the mentee.

By having a mentor with a fair amount of seniority or experience in the organization the mentee can learn from the mentor what to expect in different situations from the experience the mentor has had with similar occurrences in that situation. 4. I would say that charismatic and transformational type of leaders would be the best type of leaders for a mentor relationship.In particular leaders with Idealized influence, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, and Individualized Consideration characteristics would be the best to look for in a mentor relationship. Leaders with Laissez-Faire, Management by Exception (passive & active) characteristics are going to be the best mentors because they generally are not going to be an effective leader compared to the other leaders who lead by example. Eric Ringenberg Business 318 Case Study 3 The Politics of Backstabbing (Chapter 14) Pg 477 1.I believe that some individuals just have a ‘built in’ character that in a way allows them to backstab others for their gain.

What I mean by this is that the person’s character is flawed in the manner that they don’t see the actions they are doing as un-ethical; instead they determine the actions are necessary to get the end result of a goal they set no matter the cost to others. I believe that over time individuals lose site of their ethics and began to engage in political backstabbing as a way to get ahead because this practice has begun to become a norm for organizational politics.In particular I believe the main contributing factor is the environment that the individual is presented into in such that if the organization looks the other way when political backstabbing occurs then that individual is going to learn its ok and they can get what they want from backstabbing others. If the organization leaders/management realize and understand that the actions taken are backstabbing and don’t reward that individual engaging in backstabbing then individuals in that organization will be less likely to engage in backstabbing actions. . First establish to my management that this person is not my friend and instead focus on actions I have done compared to what that colleague is saying. I would also go directly to my manager and say that I feel I am not being treated fairly by this individual and I would also try to show all documentation given by that colleague to indicate how they have been engaging in a backstabbing manner.

3. Ethically speaking I do not believe political backstabbing should be used and I do not see any manner in which it would be justifiable.In my opinion your actions speak louder than your words, so if you use political back stabbing as means to gain power or more authority it does catch up to you one way or another. Either through management realizing you are not an effective leader or demotion because the company does not allow for political backstabbing. 4. I think that the individual who continues to use backstabbing or other illegitimate behaviors began to lose trust of other colleagues.The company itself may receive a bad perception or may also receive bad public relations if individuals in the organization are found guilty of criminal action, then the entire company is viewed as an ‘un-ethical’ company.

I believe that by committing illegitimate behaviors more and more often individuals in the company lose sight of what is ethical vs. what is unethical and as that line becomes more and more distorted the organization as a whole also begins to receive negative public relations.

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