Merchant of Venice

3 March 2018

I believe that Bassanio from the play The Merchant of Venice By William Shakespeare is portrayed as a determined, loyal and materialistic character throughout the play.

Bassanio shows his determined side when he first become accosted with the idea to court Portia, he doesn’t let the small problem of not having sufficient funds stand in his way as he uses his determination to drive his convincing argument to Antonio “ but if you please to shoot another arrow that self way…”But part of the reason behind this determination is his ulterior motive of gaining a lot of money from marrying Portia which can makes him a very materialistic person in the way he prioritizes her riches as opposed to her many other great attributes like her intelligence.

Merchant of Venice Essay Example

This is really shown when Bassanio describes her as “a lady richly left and she is fair…” wealth first then beauty seems his principal motivation, a very materialistic way to think. Bassanio’s loyalty however does shine through towards the end as he leaves his newlywed Portia to go and help his Antonio his “dearest friend to me, the kindest man…the ancient Roman honor more appears then any that draws breath in Italy. When Bassanio refers to the ancient Roman honor he’s talking about his loyalty to his friend and country and how even though he has just been married and probably should stay with his wife, his loyalty should stay with his dearest friend and help him out of the mess he has gotten him into.

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