Merit-Based Scholarships

5 May 2018

A scholarship provides the means to pay for the cost of furthering one’s education. A student that receives superb grades throughout their high school career, and that participates in vast amounts of extracurricular activities should be able to receive reward in the form Of a merit-based scholarship. Dictionary.

Com defines merit as “something that deserves or justifies a reward or commendation; a commendable quality, act, etc. ” (n. P. ). Therefore, these merit-based scholarships are rewarded to students who achieve academic excellence.By identifying good students and providing hem with merit-based scholarships, schools will encourage those good students to continue to do well and hopefully inspire other students to strive to work hard to be able to qualify for these merit-based scholarships. Colleges should provide merit-based scholarships to ensure student’s hard work is rewarded and others have a goal to be encouraged by.

Merit-Based Scholarships Essay Example

If a student has the drive to put forth the effort and fulfill the requirements of the merit- based scholarship, then why deny them the right to receive the scholarship?Society should encourage good students to strive and meet the requirements or merit-based scholarships. Everyone benefits when the students set higher goals for themselves. Many students, who are constantly striving for academic excellence, usually have the goal in mind and see the merit-based scholarship as an incentive. Merriam-Webster defines incentive as “something that incites or has a tendency to incite to determination or action” (n. P. ). When viewing the scholarship as an incentive, students tend to put a little more effort in Norwegian 2 their work for the simple fact that they will be rewarded.

Through psychology e know when given motivation a test subject is more likely to try and do better as a result of the addition of the motivator. The incentive acts like a motivator, not only motivating the student striving toward their goal, but also to the other students who are not always so academically involved. With the incentive in place, the other students are more inclined to better their grades and want to receive this academic scholarship.By making merit-based scholarship available to every student, it inspires more students into healthy competition in trying to get the scholarship. Acclimate, having the incentive in lace will benefit all the students, whereas the financial-based scholarships are very limited to just a few students and can be difficult to obtain. Merit- based scholarships are essential because there are so many limitations and conditions when it comes to financial-aid based scholarships. Merit-based scholarships give an opportunity to every student and are not limited by “financial circumstance”.

What has been occurring is that the middle class income has now been classified as them making “too much” money, when in reality they could be struggling just as much as anybody else. The only way hose middle class students, that are considered to have “too much” money, can pay their way to college are these merit-based scholarships. Which are not just a given, these scholarships are well earned. Nevertheless, each student should have the possibility of furthering their education if that is what they would like and what they are striving for.By removing these merit-based scholarships, then one is removing the possibility of a student furthering their education. As going to school is a privilege and not a right, then why should schools take away from those who strive at obtaining a higher education to roved free financial. I believe there should be equal opportunity based on one’s academic merits, and not based on how much one’s parents make even if it sounds harsh.

Norwegian 3 Some people argue that merit-based scholarships take money away from need-based aid. This argument misses the point.When colleges give merit- based scholarships, it is rewarding students for their hard work and time that they have devoted to their studies. It provides equal opportunity towards all students, instead of reward some over others who do not deserve based on their guardians income. How many times has someone encounter someone who does not care if they take their class seriously because they do not have to pay for it? To take away a reward that must be earned through hard and difficult trails and in place a system that rewards people for not doing anything.If taken away students will have to strive harder to enter into a university and we will have an outcome of smarter students coming out instead of lazy students who have a free ride. Merit-based scholarships make sense for society as well as for students.

As a rule, society should encourage good students to strive to meet the acquirement for merit-based scholarships which are usually based either academic or an extracurricular merit Everyone benefits when they set goals for themselves and providing an incentive for reaching the goal.These scholarships provide rewards for those who have put forth their best effort and have achieved the highest of merits, and provide goals for those who are not in a qualifying state to achieve these yet. Therefore, it stands to say to that merit-based scholarships are beneficial for all in the society even those who currently do not meet standards to be able qualify for them. For this reason, colleges should provide merit-based scholarships to ensure student’s hard work is rewarded and others have a goal to be encouraged by.

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