6 June 2017

Have you ever wondered, why are there cave paintings and stories about beings that resemble a lot to humans but have tails like the ones of fish instead of feet, and live in the ocean. A discussion of this topic may lead to questions about the possibility of what we think to be a myth, might be real. It also may lead to questions because it might make us realize we are not the only creatures that do not act only by instinct, but also by reason which make it controversial. Why do dolphins like to play with us and obey us?

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My answer is simple, mermaids exist. I know many people ay disagree with this, or others will try to deny it because of the simple fact that we are unique, therefore no other creature can resemble to us and create handmade weapons or have a more complex language than any other animal of the sea. There is scientific evidence that can support the theory that states that mermaids do exist. The United States government forbade the reproduction of this video and in Colombia it was only presented once.

Nevertheless, it is on YouTube. The documentary showed a group of scientists that were in charge of the investigation of whale strandings. These scientists also discovered sounds that came from the sea during the use of sonars. Experiments with these sonars are forbidden because it can damage internal organs of animals and cause strandings. The sounds of these creatures was different from any other known animal, and it was much more sophisticated than any language. They called the creature “The Bloop”.

In the documentary, they show that there are theories that state that mermaids were apes like us who them became hominids that were stuck between rocks and could not return to the land so they learned to live in the sea. There are many species that have been descendant from animals that live in land; therefore, apes themselves could have also evolved into animal of thinking and breathing for a long period underwater, and then learned to remain all the time in the water.

They even reconstructed part of a body found inside a shark in South Africa. They found little bones that could form the shape of a human hand but larger, and the pelvis was also like ours. The skull could be reconstructed as well and it was impresive, it was a lot like our skull but bigger and the eyes were much bigger than ours and they had a orsal fin that went from the skull and to the tail. Many scientific evidence was found, and perhaps others have been found but we do not know.

The common person believes that the mermaid or aquatic humanoid is a mythical creature imagined and made up for story books and fairy tales. There are plenty of odd creatures we have discovered in the oceans, so why do people disbelieve so strongly. Stranger things have happened, stranger creatures have been spotted and recognized as a new species, like the blobfish, loch ness monster, and the axolotl, yet the half-human, half- ish specimen are still believed to be mythical and are refused to be accepted into society as real.

Society continues to believe that there is no chance in the creatures being real sort ot like b Society continues to believe that there is no chance in the creatures being real. Although there is no convincing proof that they are real, it is enough proof to show that there is a creature out there that is more likely to be real rather than not. Also how can you say they don’t exist when we have only explored about 5% of our oceans. We know more about space and our moon than our own oceans.

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