Mesopotamia and Gilgamesh Assignment Instructions

9 September 2016

Assignment Instructions: Read the summary of the Epic of Gilgamesh in the Near East/Mesopotamia Packet and the “Death of Gilgamesh” passage in the Benton/Diyanni textbook: In response to the reading, please write the following in essay format: First consider the character of Gilgamesh. Do you think his character and actions are to be emulated, or pitied? Depending on how you feel about Gilgamesh on the whole, please respond 1st paragraph: Lead with the viewpoint that you ultimately side against.

For example, if you think that Gilgamesh’s actions, when all is considered, are admirable, then lead this paragraph as follows: Gilgamesh was in pitiable character in that his behavior was…” You then must demonstrate how his specific actions in the text are reflective of this. Obviously, if you take the alternate view then you would write the following: “Gilgamesh is an admirable figure in that…. ” 2nd paragraph: You now lead with what is your position. For example: “In spite of his heroism and courage, Gilgamesh is a pitiable figure in that…” Or “Even though Gilgamesh does display some negative qualities, he his still to be viewed as a hero because…” 3rd Paragraph: Having expressed your view of Gilgamesh, you now need to answer the following:

Mesopotamia and Gilgamesh Assignment Instructions Essay Example

What was the message that was meant to be imparted to Ancient Mesopotamian peoples via the Epic of Gilgamesh? You need to support your answer with both respect to the story and the culture as a whole. Lead sentence example: “For Ancient Mesopotamians the message of Gilgamesh was…” NOTE: I CANNOT BE MORE CLEAR ON THIS. NO USE OF 1ST OR 2ND PERSON IN YOUR WRITE UP. IF I SEE IT, YOU PAPER WILL BE RETURNED WITHOUT A GRADE OR CORRECTIONS. THE PAPER SHOULD ALSO BE TYPED AND DOUBLE-SPACED. THREE PARAGRAPHS ONLY. NO INTRODUCTORY OR CONCLUDING PARAGRAPHS. PAPER SHOULD BE APPROXIMATELY 1 ? PAPGES IN LENGTH.

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