Metal Dome by Emerald Sun

7 July 2019

Emerald Sun is a Greek power metal band with many anthemic like songs like the heavy metal band before it Manowar. The lyrics however, aren’t quite as cheesy with Emerald Sun. Since inception, they have released a couple classics and have been left in more of the middle of power metal popularity. Even bands like Firewind and Rhapsody of Fire have a tad bit more popularity to them, not to say the latter two are bad, far from it.

Metal Dome includes a total of 12 tracks lasting well over an hour. They do have some variety here but from what I can tell, it goes as far as having a couple ballads like Freedom Call(the name of a German power metal band as well). I can appreciate the Sabaton/Manowar music thing considering they both border on heavy power metal and both have anthemic tracks as well like Primo Victoria and Swedish Pagan(Sabaton) and Hail and Kill(Manowar). With the final track, Call of Nature, they managed to make a more Greek folk song which basically has me eat my words from before. I could deal with a bit more speed emphasis to be honest but hey, going back to the Sabaton and Manowar influences, that’s what they sound like pretty much and I like Sabaton for crying out loud! The occasional trick like a folk or ballad song is something you need to look out for, they are interesting to say the least and provide for something more than an anthem track(and that’s most of the album). I do like some of the regular tracks but after a while, some of them become filler to me. Tracks like the title track, Screaming In the Storm, You Won’t Break Me down and Dust and Bone seem to follow the Manowar trap with the lyrics as well, that’s not exactly something you want to touch. Dragonforce did it for a while, Running Wild and Steel Panther also had that same trait as well where it makes it almost a cliche of a sort. There are just way too many things that bother me here. I like the Manowar throwback but if you make lyrics like them, you might as well be stepping over unwanted territory. I’m not hating Manowar themself actually, just the lyrics and vocal style with this blatant comparison. The biggest things to pay attention to are the tracks with changing styles like the ballads and Call of Nature.

Metal Dome by Emerald Sun Essay Example

I give this a 6.5/10. The first one we’ve seen in a while lower than a 7. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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