Metal vs. Emo

4 April 2018

Metal lyrics do not offer much more, their songs are usually about death, dying and the dead. Metal and Memo are nothing alike and clash in a lot of ways. One of the major differences between Metal and Memo is their lyrics. The lyrics Of Metal vary, but none Of them Offer anything Structure or thought. They often have to do with hate and the Devil, unless you listen to one of those terrible Christian metal bands, which no self-respecting metal head listens to. Metal Lyrics at the end of the song leave you passed off and angry at Christians or just passed and you do not quite know why.

They often use he devil and Satanism as more of a form of rebellion then actual belief system, most bands that talk of Satan in their lyrics are atheist and don’t believe in anything. They use it as a representative of rebellion against the morals of society.

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On the other hand Memo Lyrics are far different and actually have meaning and feeling behind them, and often tell a sad, depressing story, usually about a girl. The stereotype of an Memo song is a guy whining for four minuets about his girl friend leaving him. For the most part this is true but there are many different Memo songs out there that actually have something to ay about life.Memo, most of the time, has a sad depressing motive behind it. Have come across very few happy Memo songs in my day.

Memo bands say that they are emotional but the emotion they seem talk about is depression. To quote Bright Eyes (an Indies/Memo bad) “Some sad singers, they just play tragic”. But depression is one of the strongest, most frequent emotions felt by any human so it’s understand able that most are sad, and it is not to say that there are not happy memo song just as there are many metal songs that do not have to deal with hate and/or the devil, however they do come few and far between.Along with the lyrics the music that backs them up is very distinctive. The music is also very different between the genres. Metal is fast, really fast and the players, despite other opinions, are very skilled to be able to not only play that fast, (because anyone could do that) but also to have amazing instrumental solos in the middle of the song. Most Metal songs have at least two are three big solos in them.

The drummers always have a double bass kick pedal, which takes a lot of practice to be any good at.All the members Of any band are extremely talented and have years if not decades of practice uneaten their belt, and in my opinion metal artists are some of the best players in the music business today. Metal songs are usually screamed and are very low and if you don’t have an ear for it you probably won’t understand what they are saying, but the more you listen to it the more you’ll understand. Memo songs however, are typically somewhat fast, but not anywhere near as heavy as Metal. The songs are usually sung in a high- pitched voice.Although memo players may be good, they possess nowhere near the amount of skill that the metal artists have or at least they don’t seem the display it as well. Their Music is very different but their styles also contrast.

They both have their own styles and everyone is a little different, but for the most part the stereotype of an Memo kid and a Metal Head are extremely accurate. The style of a typical Metal head can differ a little depending on if he’s a Gothic Industrial/ Metal Head, which case he listens to music like Marilyn Manson, Rearmament, Dead-star Assembly, The Birthday Massacre, and other industrial bands along with metal bands.They wear loose, baggy, clothes with straps and chins (Trip pants are a popular brand). They usually have on a shirt of heir favorite Industrial band, and a trench Coat is a must have. Other older Metal heads are a little different, they listen to nothing but pure, heavy, death metal typically stuff from the glory days of Metal. They listen to bands such as Painter, Megalith, Faith No More and so on. Metal-head like this typically wear old, faded black, tour t-shirt of their favorite metal bands, usually with holes in it.

As for hair, both styles of Metal have long, seemingly UN-kept hair. To top off the out fit is a pair of Doc Martin boots and some blue jeans. The style of an Memo Boy is far, far different. They where everything tight, tight girl pants (even if their a boy) and tight t-shirts. They also have a studded belt, and of course, a pair of Converse All-star. The typical Memo Boy has side sweep bangs and its short in the back and long in the front. The style of both genres unique but very easy too define.

In other words most of them look alike. Despite their other differences the biggest difference between them is what they’re about. Memo is directed at feelings and emotion as said before, whereas metal deals with hate and rebellion. But both are looking for the same thing, people. The music reaches out to those hat listen to it. That’s probably why they both form their own sub-culture in modern-day America. Despite that they both are looking to reach people.

The people that they reach are completely different.Metal appeals to the child who is looking to rebel, the boy whose parents shove their Christian views and beliefs in his face. Metal looks for the guy who’s sick of the world and government, the guy whose passed at the world. Memo reaches everyone who feels that they’ve been hurt, people who have had their heart broken or have been used or anybody whose ever felt depressed. Memo looks for the ones who are sad at the world. Everybody likes to listen to something they feel relates to them or how they feel. Both genres reach out for somebody whose hurting, but a different style of hurt.

In conclusion, both genres of music have their good points and their bad points. Metal has some of the greatest players ever to pick up a guitar or drumsticks, but they also have some of the worst lyrical writers ever to pick up a pen and paper, and they offer nothing but mindless garbage. On the other hand memo has some of the best, most emotional writers, but the instrumental side of the music is nothing special at all. They both have very efferent tastes in clothing, to roughly describe the difference, Memo is tight and Metal loose.

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