8 August 2019

The one aspect of music that separates fame fromextinction is style. Metallica adds its own special flavor to music which is sodifferent and exotic that no other band or artist can compare. Its mix of heavymetal, rock and techno has made Metallica one of a kind.

The one thing Ifind strange about Metallica’s music is that their songs are all about eightminutes long. But the more Metallica, the better! The long guitar/synthesizermixes and the lyrics and vocals of James Hetfield make for a strange, sometimesmesmerizing tone. Guitar skill is not lacking in this band; “Master ofPuppets and “Enter Sandman” have an incredible blend of lyrics andguitar work.

Metallica Essay Example

Other bands are in the hot spot for only a short time, butMetallica has survived since 1981 and still has the popularity it gained 20 yearsago. Their songs are rarely played on mainstream radio, which allows them tomaintain a core of very loyal fans. With excellent lyrics and guitar solos,Metallica’s music has remained interesting.

If you’re really intoMetallica, or would like another band to add to your CD collection, I recommendyou find the albums and songs that made them popular. Two of my favorites,”Master of Puppets” and “Ride the Lightning,” have enoughgood music to keep you listening over and over again.

Metallica mixes thewell-known voice of James Hetfield with an aggressive brand of music that hasmade and kept them one of the greatest bands of the modern rock era.

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