7 July 2019

Metallica, one of the greatest metal bands of the twentieth century. There 1991 album called Metallica or to most people it’s the black album. This album was more of a hard rock album unlike there past album ride the lightning.

This album is known for the song “Enter Sandman” which was there most popular song on the album. “Enter Sandman” lyrics tell a story of a kid having a bad dream, this song I liked the most because it had a good sound to the instruments and vocals.

I would recommend this album to any one that likes a little bit of soft rock songs like “Nothing Else Matters”. There are hard rock songs such as “Sad but True” and “Where Ever I May Roam” you might like those songs.

I would give this album a five out of five because this album was a great mix of hard and soft rock. Metallica has a new album called death magnetic that came out in 2008.

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