Metaparadigm essay

10 October 2018

“The character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses. “Carolyn Javis. It was said by International Code of Nursing, “Nursing as an integral part of the health care system, encompasses the promotion of health, prevention of illness and care of physically ill, mentally ill and disabled people of all ages, in all health care and other community settings.

Since nursing care is crucial for the client and their wellbeing it is considered one of the major factors pertaining to the health care settings. A nurse must collaborate with other health care professionals to enhance health promotion and Maintence of the clients and the community. A nurse is considered a qualified health care professional who possess the art and science of nursing.Nursing care of any sort is based on a theory named “Basic Metaparadigm Concepts of Nursing.” Which may best be defined as” a group of nursing theories and concepts that sets the phenomena in which a discipline is concerned. A metaparadigm is the most general statement of a discipline and functions as a framework in which the more retracted structures of conceptual models developed.” (Miller- Keane Dictionary, 2009).

Metaparadigm essay Essay Example

However, this theory contains four significant concepts relating to nursing care and the client. Which are the client, the client’s environment, the client’s health and wellbeing and the nursing responsibility. Each aspect of the mentioned concepts contributes a major role to the client and their complete state of health and wellbeing. As a nurse it is essential when caring for clients to apply these concepts to work cohesively together with the nursing process to provide essential care for the client as it is the main objective of nursing care. In this essay each concept of the metaparadigm will be further considered on how they influence the nurse and nursing practice.Firstly, the client in the concepts of metaparadigm refers to an individual receiving health care from a nurse professional. The client in this specific context is an individual who seek health care assistance from a nurse professional.

The client and family and the nurse through appropriate communication must build a relationship in partnership of the objective of the client health and wellbeing. They must have a proactive relationship and all work together during the interaction period. In the process of this the nurse must be mindful of the client and family subjective experiences about wellness, beliefs, values and personal preferences and always include the client and family in the decision making affecting his/her treatment and recovery.This approach greatly influences the giving of care. The approach precisely is required to enable the client to heal physically, mentally, socially and emotionally together with their family and friends who support them throughout. Additionally, the nurse also has the responsibility to achieve and maintain a trusting relationship with the client to develop a sense of safety, comfort and respect to enhance the healing process and in necessary instances the coping process which can be very difficult for most client and family members. In final thought of the client, the task of the nurse is always high in demand because the nurse has the entire responsibility of promoting health, and Maintence, prevention of illness and facilitating the client and there well being and ensuring there needs for coping and trusting they will recovery from a disease or illness and most importantly ensuring the nursing process is achieved.

Secondly, the client’s environment in the concepts of metaparadigm refers to the external element which affects a person internally and externally or both. The internal factor of environment is the clients individual mental and emotional conditions and the external factor of environment is the client physical, cultural, social, socio economic and political which surrounds the client. However, they both influence the client health and plays a significant role in maintaining health and promoting recovery from illnesses. It was Florence Nightingale the founder of Nursing who has a theory on environmental health which states “Environmental factors such as fresh air, pure water, sufficient food supplies, efficient drainage, cleanliness of the environment and light influences a client’s health status. Which means for a client to be healthy they must be in a clean enough environment.Therefore, when a nurse’s cares for the client she/he must keep in consideration the environment the client lives in and must be modified in such a way that will promote optimal heath and healing for the client. This is beneficial because during the presence of the nursing care the nurse can help develop methods for the client in the recovery process.

However, a nurse must use her interpersonal abilities to help the client with strategies with the adaption to attain such. For example, a client who contacts the disease dengue fever which is caused by the dengue virus when bitten by an insect named mosquito. The nurse doesn’t tell the client to move out from their home, however the nurse will encourage the client to clean out all drainage around there homes and cover all water supplies properly and educate the client because of those factors mosquitoes are present. In final thought of the client’s environment, the client’s environment affects their internal and external health. However, since everyone cannot live in a perfect environment the nurse must make it his/her responsibility to encourage any few affordable changes to the client be made and adaption to made to enhance health promotion and Maintence and recovery of the client and their family.Thirdly,

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