7 July 2019

Linkin Park is a group of California musicians who exploded onto the scene in 2001 with “Hybrid Theory,” that year’s best-selling album.

How does a band try to top a Grammy award-winner that sold more than eight million copies? Linkin Park’s method is to recreate everything which makes “Hybrid Theory” what it is. It’s kind of like trying to get struck by lightning twice, if you ask me.

By following the same outline, the band made “Meteora.” It has the same vocal wailing from Chester Bennington and flowing rap lyrics from Mike Shinoda. But this album seems to have more singing and lighter rapping, which rock fans will enjoy. The lyrics are even similar on this album, as Chester portrays his feelings through words crammed full of betrayal and loneliness.

This is a short record at only 36 minutes, but transitions link every song for continuous rocking that you can’t walk away from.

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Each of the 13 tracks is stuffed full of rhythmic drum and bass beats, technical string incorporation, ear-bending vocals and even the Japanese flute.

Because of the music downloading frenzy, the producers included a 40-page booklet, a studio release with extras, a video for the first single and a documentary to discourage Internet downloading of the songs.

If you like the beat of hip-hop, the energy of rock and “Hybrid Theory,” then there’s no doubt that, from the first chord of “Meteora,” you will be addicted.

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