Method Man – Tical 2000: Judgement Day

11 November 2019

On his highly anticipated sophomore album, Method Man, the rugged andcharismatic member of the Wu-Tang Clan, more than exceedsexpectations. I like to think of this album as an ice creamsundae. Many times rap albums can seem extremely monotonous. One of the bestthings about this one is its variety. Each of the 28 rap tracksrepresent a different, delicious part of the sundae. The album starts off with “Perfect World” and”Dangerous Grounds;” both let you know right away thatMeth’s stardom hasn’t caused him to neglect his hardcore style ofrap. These songs are like ice cream scoops that taste great but areso hard they need to be chewed before being digested. To softenthings up a bit, he features Cappadonna and Streetlife on a story ofghetto romance called “Sweet Love.” Another song with a smooth beat is “Break Ups 2 Make Ups,”which is about the highs and lows of a relationship, featuringsoulster D’Angelo. “Tical 2000″ also includes several skitsthat display Meth’s humorous approach and feature everyone from ChrisRock to Donald Trump. These are like the sprinkles and nuts that keepthe sundae fun and motivate one to continue eating, or in this case,listening. The real cherry to top off this album of savory hip-hop is”Judgement Day,” with Meth verbally comanding everyone to”Step into millennium!” “Tical 2000: JudgementDay” will truly satisfy the biggest hip-hop sweet tooth.

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