Metro Station

10 October 2019

Have you ever been listening t the radio and felt like you just wanted to get up and shake it? Well maybe you were listening to a new and popular band Metro Station. Their pop music is stealing the hearts of many kids and teens with their music today.

Their songs have great lyrics that just make you want to sing along. Some of their most popular songs are ‘Shake It’ and ‘Seventeen Forever.’ ‘Shake It’ is a very up beat song that is very fast moving towards its climax. There is kind of like a loud yelling sound for the singing that just makes you want to get up and jump and dance around.

‘Seventeen Forever’ is a middle pitch song that is a lot slower than most of the bands other songs. Many of Metro Station’s songs give a message or a moral. In this case the song ‘Seventeen Forever’ talks about growing up and a popular lyric in this song is ‘You won’t be seventeen forever and we can get away with this tonight.

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This band is made up of four guys named Trace Cyrus, Mason Musso, Blake Healy, and Anthony Improgo. They have a lot of great vocal points in their awesome music. There are different instruments like guitars, the electric bass, and drums in their music. It can sometimes sound like techno music with many sound effects and features.

I would recommend anyone who like s fun and exciting music to try and listen to this amazing band. I would give this band five stars because this music is easy to sing with and fun to listen to.

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