Mexican War 3 Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

Mexican War 3 Essay, Research Paper

Mexican War 3 Essay Research Paper The Essay Example

The Mexican War

The United States in 1846 was non justified in traveling to war with Mexico. The United States did non hold proper justification to react with force against the Mexican authorities. The war with Mexico was besides a merchandise of the United States & # 8217 ; belief of manifest fate. Polk & # 8217 ; s over aspiration to prehend new district from the Mexicans and letdown over their refusal to sell him California besides perchance played a factor in his willingness to pay war against Mexico. The United States under the leading of president Polk clearly provoked Mexico into assailing US military personnels. All these grounds show that the US had no concern get downing a war with Mexico for district that was truly theirs.

The war with Mexico came at a clip when much of the state had strong feelings of manifest fate. Manifest fate is the belief that destiny had preordained the US to spread out from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans and from Canada to the Rio Grande river. This thought which was coined by John O & # 8217 ; Sullivan was really popular in the 1840 & # 8217 ; s. This ideal had strong influence and was one ground that their was so much popular support for the US enlargement West. This ideal while chauvinistic did non give us the right to travel into Mexico and prehend land which was truly theirs in the first topographic point. They had the right to throw out any US citizens that were populating on their state & # 8217 ; s land particularly if they where non staying by their Torahs. This alone makes even the appropriation of Texas non wholly merely. The US vision of manifest fate helped to win the public & # 8217 ; s support for the Mexican war. Yet the populace was misled by this sense of manifest fate and those that did back up it supported an unfair war.

President Polk during his presidential term lusted for more land than the state had of all time earlier controlled. Not merely did he capture Texas but besides California and Oregon. While trying to derive California through peaceable agencies he sent John Slidell to Mexico City to offer the Mexicans up to $ 25million dollars for California yet this offer was rejected by the Mexicans as insulting. This led Polk to defeat and his willingness to seek backhanded and underhand new ways to acquire the Mexicans to give him the districts that he desired. This showed that Polk was consumed with greed for new territo

ry. He no longer cared how he claimed his no district. Polk was consumed with a demand to do his run promises a world and to do the prognostication of manifest fate a world. His greed for land is apparent in his behind the back tactics that he attempted to use against the Mexicans. He besides was seeking a signifier of retaliation for the deceases at the Alamo and the refusal of his proposal to purchase California from the Mexicans. Polk was so avaricious for land that he was willing to put on the line blood shed and decease of his citizens for retaliation against the rejection of a proposed pact and his privation for manifest fate.

Quite perchance the strongest of all grounds that the US was unfair in traveling to war with Mexico in 1846 was that the US forces were in the disputed district excessively intentionally insight the Mexicans into get downing the struggle so the US would look like they were the good cats in the incident. The US military personnels were commanded to traverse over the Nueces river to the Bankss of the Rio Grande. This was a move to acquire the Mexicans to assail US military personnels on land that was claimed by both states. This did non work out every bit planned at first and the Mexicans wouldn & # 8217 ; t onslaught. This disquieted Polk so he went to his cabinet. He told them on May 9, 1846 that he was to suggest to congress that he wanted them to declare war on Mexico on the evidences that one: unpaid claims and two: Slidell & # 8217 ; s rejection. These grounds were flimsy at best. But fortunately for Polk word of the blood shed he had been waiting for arrived that flushing. His call for war was rapidly echoed in Congress and shortly the declaration of war was passed. Yet this aggravated onslaught was unfair and should hold been seen as such by the US Congress. This was clearly an act of aggression that was provoked by the US.

To reason the United States was unfair in its declaration of war on Mexico in 1846. The US was clouded with dreams of Manifest Destiny. It had a president that was obsessed with carry throughing run promises and greed for new land. Besides Polk was looking for retaliation for the denial of the proposal for purchasing California as was apparent in his original grounds for declaring war on Mexico. Besides the US provoked this lodger difference into the biennial war that it became by intentionally motivating the Mexicans into a battle. All these grounds are the grounds that the US was non justified in declaring war on Mexico.

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