Mi Nina Bonita by Chino y Nacho

8 August 2019

Mi Nina Bonita

Everyone loves a romantic song! Especially, us Latino girls. What girl doesn’t love a song from a boy that tells them how beautiful they are? Well if the guy actually means it, they do love it. Mi Nina Bonita is a beautiful, romantic song sung by Chino y Nacho. The album itself is called Mi Nina Bonita and even though it was released on April 6, 2010 people still love it and remember it.

In English, mi nina bonita stands for, “my pretty girl.” The song basically says my pretty little girl, my sweet little princess. I feel like I’m on a cloud flying high when I’m with you. The phrase I like you is too little and that is why I tell you I love you. We fall in love even more when we are together. No one can compare to you because you are so special. I thank life because it has shown me that good things can come at any time.

I never imagined meeting a person like you or having this feeling for anyone. A love so pure, natural and to anyone; admirable. It’s almost a fantasy full of joy and romance. Who would have even thought that I would fall in love with you and that I wouldn’t be able to live without your love? How would I have known that you were going to be mine and forever? Then it goes on with the chorus “aqui hay amor,” (there’s love here.) I think every single word in this song is exquisite because it just speaks to me.
Even though you might not speak Spanish, you will still enjoy this song. The beat or music to this song is amazing and it really gets you going! The genre of the music is regueton and merengue. So if you know how to dance merengue, this song will definitely get you on your feet and ready to dance or with your hands up in the air. It is definitely one of those types of songs where you want to get your dancing buddy and start dancing while you sing the lyrics of the song. The melody is inviting and joyful and that is one of the many reasons why I really love this song.

So many people like, enjoy, and know this song by heart. On YouTube this song has received about 47 million views and almost everyone liked it! This song is mostly liked by girls but because of how outstanding the lyrics are! For girls, this song will certainly go all the way to their hearts, if there is a special someone. To boys, this will be an incredible and beautiful song they could dedicate to a girl, but just to one not to just any girl. Or for the people who just want to dance to a groovy song, Mi Nina Bonita would be it.

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