Michael Jackson by Michael Jackson

9 September 2019

On June 25, 2009 the world lost the King of Pop Michael Jackson. His death was very unexpected and was declared a homicide. It changed the whole world I think that when Michael’s death was announced everyone just stopped what they were doing and were in a shock.

Before Michael died I was not a big fan of him I only knew a few of his songs ABC, I’ll Be There, and Thriller. But like a lot of other people I became a big fan of him and discovered a lot of his songs after his death. My favorite song by him is Will You Be There. I love the lyrics and rhythm of the song.

Michael Jackson by Michael Jackson Essay Example

From when I watched his interviews I think that he was not what the tabloids thought he was or what some people thought. I know that you might have a different opinion of Michael but I think that he was a very kind a caring person. A lot of people were bothering him a lot and he wanted everyone to stop.

From that I am saying by this is that Michael was just like a regular person just like us who was unlucky to be attacked by very rude people who wanted to make money off of Michael. And I wanted to make a tribute.

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