Michael Jordan

3 March 2017

Hello my name is Jacob Auernhammer and I am here to tell you about the life of a king we all know. I will inform you of the life of Michael Jordan by first discussing his childhood, then his high school days and finally ending with his NBA experience and current status. Everyone knows there are many kings in today’s society. Superficial kings that is. We have the king of pop, Michael Jackson, the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, and even a Burger King…the King himself. Another king that might come to mind would be the king of the court Mr. Michael Jeffery Jordan. But when did this “title” of fame come about in the game of basketball?

Well it all started February 17, 1963 when Michael Jordan was born. I’m here to tell you about good, the bad, and the ugly about Michaels journey to fame and fortune. –> Michael was born into an average family. His dad, James Jordan, was a supervisor at general electric while his mom, Deloris Jordan, worked in a bank. In his early childhood years, the Jordan’s moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. This town is where it all began. Michael loved playing sports and was determined to play basketball at the local high school. His sophomore year he was so anxious to try out.

Michael Jordan Essay Example

He soon found that he had been cut from the team. With his dad’s encouragement, Michael worked hard and became a good enough basketball player to not only make his high school team but to also attended the Five star basketball camp in Pennsylvania that only the best high school players in the nation attend. Shortly after this recruiting camp, Michael accepted a full ride scholarship to the University of North Carolina according to notablebiographies. com. Here he was a very successful player hitting the game winning shot against Georgetown leading the team to an NCAA championship for the first time in 25 years.

During his first season as a Tarheel he was also named the ACC rookie of the year in 1982. Following his debut season as an outstanding freshman at North Carolina, he led the team in scoring in his following sophomore and junior seasons. Upon his completion his junior year of college, he was drafted as a third pick of the 1984 draft to the Chicago Bulls. This didn’t seem so spectacular since the Bulls were a losing team with only about 6,000 fans per game. But Michael quickly proved that he was the change that Chicago needed. He was amed to the All-Star team and also given the “Rookie of the Year” title all in his first season. Although everything seemed to be perfect for him, Michael’s career came to a halt when he broke his foot in the 1984’-1985’ season and was sidelined for 64 games. This did not stop him. He came back in the first game of the playoffs to score 49 points against the Boston Celtics and 63 in the next game of the series. This set the NBA record for most points scored in any playoff game. Not too shabby for his second game back in the season. After working hard to get back to where he was fundamentally, Michael only saw great things.

In 1988 he was named Defensive player of the year, league MVP and MVP of the All-Star game that year. He then participated on the U. S. Summer Olympic basketball team where they beat all 8 teams by an average of 43. 7 points per game. They easily won the gold medal. At the height of his career with 3 consecutive NBA titles, seven consecutive scoring titles and many MVP awards under his belt, Michael unexpectedly retired after the murder of his father and media pressure about his gambling habits. Upon his retirement from basketball he decided to pursue baseball.

He played as an outfielder for a year for the Birmingham Barons. He then decided baseball wasn’t for him. Many people questioned if he would ever be able to do it again. Could he ever be the king of the court again? Michael came back and struggled in the beginning just as everyone thought. But he came back in the 1995-1996 season to lead the Bulls to a record winning season of 72-10 and earned his 8th scoring title. After winning 3 more NBA titles with the Bulls, Michael retired. Although his King of the Court days were over, his legacy will always carry on. According to NBA. om,

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