Michael Moonwalks His Way Into Stardom

9 September 2019

May 16, 1983

A simple triple spin with a toe stand to finish it off. Never in my life have I seen someone stun the crowd with such excitement. Every move and every slide is so graceful. This young man has become one of the biggest superstars in just one night. All it took was one performance. Michael Jackson just became MICHAEL JACKSON in a five minute showing. Everything about him tonight was perfect. Starting it all off with his outfit. He wore a glittery black jacket with a hat that made him look like a spy or gangster, along with the trademark single white glove. To add to his uniqueness, Michael brought out another move that no one has ever seen before, the Moonwalk. He seemed to be walking backward and forward at the same time. Michael is known for making up his own dance moves. The inventor of the robot has now invented another move to add to his collection.

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The moonwalk was just another reason you couldn’t keep your eyes off him. It seemed to be the most electrifying five seconds of the show.
Motown 25 was filled with stars tonight, but nobody outshined Michael. The future for this young man looks very promising. He’s just another performer with the ability to wow the crowd every time he’s on stage. Even dating back to the Jackson 5, Michael always had the gift to forget anything on his mind and just focus on giving the audience there moneys worth. His career is heading in the right direction, and we’ve only seen a little part of what he is capable of. That little sliver we saw tonight was magical. Magic that will never be forgotten.

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