Michelle Obama Speech NAACP

12 December 2017

Since most hillier are seldom most of the time and spend hours upon hours watching television “every extra hour of TV they watch Is associated with the consumption of an dilation 1 67 calories. ” (423).

Children aren’t Just becoming lazier, they’re actually becoming more and more unhealthy as time goes on developing “diabetes and cancer. Heart disease, asthma. ” (420). In an effort to try and help fix childhood obesity Obama launched the “Let’s Move” campaign, which even features commercials onDisney Channel showing the Disney celebrities outside playing some kind of physical activity. The four main points to this campaign are; The first one consists of giving parents knowledge to give their children healthy food not fast food. The second point states that the government is attempting to replace fatty foods in schools with healthier options, regardless of how the children will feel about it. The third part of the campaign is just trying to show children that being active actually is fun, it sent just have to be challenging.

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