Microfinance & Poverty Reduction in Sudan

1 January 2017

Microfinance services are part of the innovative financial services in the area of ?? banking and finance non-bank, and the growth of this sector will be depending on the demand for it and the administrative and technical expertise in this area. The process of providing financial services to the poor in the community is an important part of strategies to reduce poverty and the institutions that provide microfinance is one of the tools that play this role if achieved financial sustainability of any increase supply to meet demand.The interest in microfinance in Sudan increased in the recent period, especially, and that the State at its peak moving to embrace this work to simplify procedures, and has been given Central Bank of Sudan great interest sector microfinance and with that we find deployment weak in the area of ?? microfinance services Islamic incomprehension of this type of funding and requirements for success.

Importance of the studyPoverty alleviation and combating is a strategic objective seeks world to achieve in the third millennium, and is difficult to determine the microfinance clients and reach of the challenges facing the microfinance and also find that the lack of guarantees for funding and the high cost of this type of financing and cost follow-up is one of the problems facing the Sudan, and from here stems the importance of this study to take up microfinance in Sudan as a tool for poverty alleviation, and the problems and challenges faced by microfinance in Sudan. Problem and questions of the studyTurning this study to answer several questions, problem study lies in the Sudan seeks to develop and develop the microfinance sector and attention mechanisms poverty alleviation through bank financing and the non-bank and follow the strategy to minimize the problems and risks and challenges faced by microfinance in Sudan and providing microfinance services and use it as a tool to alleviate the microfinance and Najib during which the following questions: What is the concept of microfinance in Sudan and who are the customers? And what are its institutions? What are the challenges and problems facing the microfinance sector in Sudan?What are the strategies used to cope with that? Does microfinance in Sudan, in turn, to alleviate poverty? Methodology of this study Be following the descriptive historical and analytical approach, and spatial research is the Republic of Sudan. Study Plan And include the study on four topics the first dealing with the concept and customers and institutions and the basic concepts of microfinance in general and some experiences in the world, and in the second section we address it and guarantees in the Sudan, and in the third section we take the challenges nd problems facing the microfinance in Sudan and strategies to cope with it, and in the fourth section the results and recommendations. Abstract This study is entitled “Microfinance and Poverty Reduction in Sudan” “Challenges & Problems”, in the world a growing focus against poverty as a strategic goal through financing lower income groups through microfinance, microfinance institutes (governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations).This study deal with several sections, section one highlights the definition, objectives, clients, institutes and basic concepts of microfinance. Section two assess the experience of Sudan in microfinance and guarantees (collaterals) of microfinance in Sudan. Section three discuss challenges & problems which face microfinance in Sudan and the strategies to face these challenges & problems.

Microfinance & Poverty Reduction in Sudan Essay Example

Section four present the results of this study and its main findings.The study recommended the need to apply best practices in the expansions of services and procedures of microfinance in Sudan, diversification of products and services and guarantees of microfinance in Sudan, provide information on the microfinance sector in Sudan, spreading the culture of microfinance and at last develop a strategy of microfinance in Sudan. In the name of God the Merciful The first topic Microfinance (theoretical framework) Submitted Combined efforts of the international community to combat poverty as a strategic goal everyone seeks to achieve exporting poverty eradication list of development goals for the third millennium.

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