Mid term sociology essay

6 June 2017

Mills and Bergers agree to the notation that “things are not what they seem” because basically humans are always looking for whats really behind the scenes of what is really going on. No one really believes everything they hear on tv or the internet etc. r really believe on ones description of ones self. Mainly because one will always make themselves seem better and “cooler” then who they really are. Humans are always trying to find what really going on in situations or who someone really is not who they say they are to be. One in a selected group of people is got a set of descriptions to that group weather good or bad. But people who look behind find that those stereotypes are not always what they seem to be. Coming to find that in society things aren’t always what they seem.

And the debunking of society is agreed upon because people have set roles depending on what and who people really are. The unmasking tendency is the searching for more o reality then Just the what is thought to be believed. This is only possible “if one does not take the concepts of one’s own society or even of an entire historical period… for granted… ” the common sense beliefs and social actions are illusionary because one who goes about the every day way of living is Just going through the motions. Its like people now a days are robots, agreeing to things they don’t agree etc. its all Just an illusion to what is seemed.

Mid term sociology essay Essay Example

For example in class we would talk about how for example at work or when a friend or stranger asks “how are you doing” Just naturally humans will respond good. Now one who asks that doesn’t really know weather they are doing good or not but they like to hear that they are doing good. If one was to say they weren’t doing good and go on about how bad they are they wouldn’t know how to react. It Just shows how back to that “things are not what they seem” public sociology is basically the spread of sociology and bringing and teaching sociology with discipline to a wider audience of people.

And a societal condition is basically a social issue that is frowned upon by others. Examples being like DWI’s and crime and even the smallest issues such as like blasting music while driving. People view these situations as problems even though the person doing this may not view what was done as a problem or issue. Sociologists need to speak out on this though because people need to see and record the different points of views of people and why they do the things they do. 2. ) The social actors private orbit is what is basically the limited amount to what one is able to view.

Ones doesn’t look at everything and isn’t really able to with in the boundaries they have preventing them from seeing more. Ones self has a family a home and a Job etc. which only allows him or her to see what they do on there every day life. Only sees the city or town they live in and possibly surrounding close. Ones self isn’t able to view everything on around them. The social script is basically how you act and interact in different situations. Ones self acts different at home then they do hanging out with friends. Its how you talk maneuver and act in their different surroundings.

Everyone is like this for example at work you have to show professionalism and be nice even if you are having a bad day. It’s what we do that tries to describe who we are to people by showing them how we talk or act weather or not that’s how we really are. I feel this is eeded to be done in a lot of situations though to get by with things. Ones social self is what one is to others or wants to show who he or she is to others. One will dress and act and talk in the way they want or their own way and it will give others an idea on who they are as a person etc. ts ways of being your self. These things may change often but its what makes you, you. For ones social self it is impacted greatly on gender, age, ethnicity, family etc. reasons being I believe is so that one can be able to fit in with others. When it comes to race there is a way I feel that a race is expected o act or has acted so one acts along with that past or present. With family your family has a huge impact on how you act and how you are raised has a huge impact on what your social self is.

Your peers and who you surround yourself with has a major impact on how you are as a person. Personal experience I hang and surround my self with skateboarders and “festi go-ers” and partiers etc. and people have seen me with this crowd and I may dress like this crowd so my first impression with people they Just assume a lot right away. I know the pressure to do things in certain roups and situations are high at times and you feel like you gotta live up to your standards and who your are seen to be.

One may over come this social construction of the social actor by finding the true self of one and getting outside of there normal everyday area and getting out and seeing the world and Just being them selves and letting who ever likes them for who they are. I think one who is willing to go out and put themselves in other areas and possibly all over the map with people and groups they are in can really see how everyone views things poor, rich, cool, loser, happy or sad. Once one is able to see all he different points of views from all over the world I feel one can find ones self and become the one that is most wanted.

Everything done has a reason behind it or cause. One can over come this all by basically getting out of their norm. 3. ) I asked my grandpa what he thought of social reality of the homelessness in the world. He basically summed it up in the fact that it’s the life style of living now a days for all these kids. They get their new technology and all this and that and then when its time for them to hit the real world they don’t have the people to support them anymore and they end up becoming homeless. Also all the stupid drugs that are out in the world now. All these homeless people are Just bumming money to get more crack.

None of them use or save there money to actually get themselves out of the huge rut theyre in. Plus if it wasn’t so hard to get a Job now a days you wouldn’t have as much of this problem around. They make it how you cant get a Job without some sort of degree. Even if one knows the subject so well yet don’t have a degree not much you can do about it. And a lot of Jobs don’t give kids the money now a days to support themselves and school because school has gotten so expensive. Then he oes to bring up the free masons and all that about how the rich are out to get richer don’t work out like that.

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