Middle Ages Essay

7 July 2016

In the modern days, if someone was to sit down to watch a medieval movie, an ordinary person would immediately think of either war or battle between one city and another. But in reality, medieval consists of the corrupt world that the people of this period had to go through, and the things they were restricted from because they were either a women or low class. In “The Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer. This medieval time period shows aspects that consist of gender roles, the treatment of the lower class, and the greediness.

One aspect that was probably specifically towards women was gender roles. In the modern day society, woman have a lot more freedom then they had before; such as voting, working, being independent. But there are plenty of things that show how males treat females accordingly to their gender. For example, some say that woman cannot do certain things because, “it’s a man’s job”. In the medieval period woman were restricted from certain things, they couldn’t do things men could do.

Middle Ages Essay Essay Example

They were excepted to do all the things that regarded to either cleaning or taking care of children, as for the men; they were expected to do everything else. In the Wife of Bath, Chaucer shows how woman are viewed as absolutely nothing, with no respect. “Some say the things we most desire are these: Freedom to do exactly as we please” (111-112)…”A women wants the self-same sovereignty” (214). In this quote, the author’s shows very clearly that woman actually WANT rights, and actually WANT to have a say is something, and they want the same freedom that males have as well. And in modern day society, women are STILL wanting to be as independent as a man, even though women still have rights. Woman don’t want to be looked upon as an object, or just someone who cleans and watch a man work, they want to be independent so they don’t have to lean on a man to take care of them.

Another aspect that showed corruption of the medieval society was greed. Greed was something that everyone had in them at this time as well as now. It didn’t matter what class they were in; lower, middle, higher… Everyone had at least a little greediness to themselves. Being greedy could lead into many things, as far as turning on someone, (stabbing them in the back), being selfish, etc. “The Pardoners Tale” is the perfect piece that shows medieval greediness. Showing how greediness could also be called backstabbing. “When he comes back, get up in fun. To have a wrestle. Then as you attack, I’ll up and put my dagger through his back” (225-227)… “Then all this money will be ours” (230). The author demonstrates ways greediness COULD turn out between people when it comes to any luxurious thing, such as money. In modern day society greediness can turn into something serious, as in “The Pardoners Tale” everyone turned out to be dead. So Chaucer is showing that, ANYTHING could happen, and when it comes to money; anyone would do anything just to keep it to themselves.

The last aspect that this society had to go through, was treatment of lower class. This society treated lower class, and sometimes middle class differently from the higher class, just because they didn’t come from royalty or wasn’t as wealthy as others. A man from royalty wouldn’t even marry a women from the lower class. It was clear that they were definitely separated amongst how much money they had. Chaucer shows the treatment of lower class through “The Wife of Bath“, and shows how someone gets looked down upon for what money history they have. “You’re so old, and so abominably plain. So poor to start with, so low-bred to follow. It’s little wonder if I twist and wallow” (276-278). Chaucer shows the poor respect that the knight has for anyone, and it seems as if the knight was trying to put her down. Showing, that he doesn’t want to be with her because of her class. And in Modern day society, it’s the same way. Sometimes people judge others based on how they look. For example, if someone doesn’t have the latest new purse or the hottest shoes they’re “poor” or they just don’t have money. Therefore anyone higher, would never associate themselves with them or try to get to know the other person.

In summery, just the thought of a society like this time period, nothing seemed to have any good outcome. It was all based off of the class these people were in. Like modern day, years back; there was no equality and it seemed like certain people were put in a category just like the medieval society. So, a movie would somehow be based off how much knowledge someone has on this time period. Gender roles, greediness and the treatment of the lower class was all that the society was and believed in and in time, no one thought about change. So woman had to live with the fact that they had no voice. People had to live with the fact, that greed was nothing but something being selfish. And lastly, the lower class just lived with being looked down upon so much.

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