Middle Childhood

8 August 2016

Identify your topic choice: Social Skills ??? Provide a 1 paragraph summary of your topic: I want to look deeper into the social aspects of early childhood education. I find it fascinating that early childhood aged children have already developed most of their basic ground social skills, and will build from there on up.

What makes your topic appropriate for the age group you have chosen (1-2 sentences): I believe that early childhood is an age that as a teacher, I can be very influential in molding them in the right way socially and helping them set the basis for major social skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. The social skills you learn in early childhood usually stick with you forever. Early childhood is a time for planting the right seeds in them for a future of successful growing.  List your 2 outside resources in APA style:

How does your theory help to explain or apply to your topic (2-3 sentences): This theory will help to explain my topic because I am interested in how social skills of early childhood aged children change over time and how social factors affect how they react to certain situations.

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This theory focuses on outside factors contributing if not mainly affecting the cognitive development of a person.

Identify who (or where) you plan to observe/interview: I plan to observe/interview a third grade classroom at Worthington Estates Elementary school. I am going to interview the teacher, as well as a few of the students to get the teacher’s outside opinion on certain issues, as well as the student’s personal first hand experiences. I believe this setting is appropriate for my topic and theory because I will be able to gain knowledge on the same issues but from different views.

This will give me a great range of feedback on my topic. Although you likely have not completed your observation, I would like to see an example so that I know whether or not you are on the right track. So, in the space below, you may either make up your own example and how it applies to your topic, theory, and age group, or, you may use this sample: o Donny talked back to his mother at the dinner table. His mother told him that this was rude and continued eating.

A few minutes later, Donny talked back to his mother again. Can you take this pretend observation and relate it to an appropriate age group, topic, and theory and how it can be explained by these elements? If so, you’re likely on the right track for your own observation examples. Donny may have talked back to his mother the first time because he did not know that it was wrong, or did not realize that it was rude.

If Donny is an early childhood aged child, then according to Vygotsky’s theory, he will pick up on what his parents or older peers do and think that is the appropriate way to act. He may have seen his parents in an argument and talking back to one another. If Donny saw this and thought that it was okay, he may perform these acts and not think anything is wrong by doing it. Then, when his mother tells him that it was rude, he may not take it seriously since he has seen her do it when she didn’t know she was watching.

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