Middle school or high school teacher, coach, counselor, or principle

6 June 2019

When a child is born, parents take care of him and raise him. He grows up with a lot of love and care. After that he goes to school. That’s where a teacher holds a hand of him. He learns to get ready to face the real world now.

A teacher is not the one who teaches you science, math etc., but a teacher teaches up to apply the studies to the real world. It was my coach who taught me that. I never was a good student on benches until my coach told me, “It is the brain who thinks, not strength.” It changed my whole life. Now I am willing to be a doctor.

Middle school or high school teacher, coach, counselor, or principle Essay Example

“Today we will run ten miles.” these were the only few words he spoke in the early morning a five. We use to run the miles and then play a little volleyball and go to shower. It was the evenings we worked our plays on, it use to be tough but we learned a lot through it. I use to get really tired. The only the thing that kept me up was the spirit of our team and coach. Even after we lose, he either said, “It was a tough luck”, particularly when it was a tough team or would say, “This is not how we play volleyball.” He still was an encouraging teacher. We also made the state that year. It was when I was a freshman.

The reason behind him is obviously not because he made us run ten miles, nor because the shouting we got from him, but because he did what he had to and never gave up on us. “If being my enemy, you would become a team, than I am willing to take that step.” He would say when we made a scene. He was one of my favorite teachers of my whole school years.

In the Hindu religion, a story was put through. One of the greatest teachers, Droncharya was asked for his “guru dakshina” (something from the student to gift the teacher) by one of his best student, Eklavya. He was the best in bow and arrow, and the teacher asked for his thumb. He happily gave it to him. I could not do that, but surely put this through the paper to the people. There are no words for a teacher like my coach, simply excellent. (if that’s enough)

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