Midnight Memories by One Direction

7 July 2019

One Direction has a new album coming out this November.All of the Directioners (One Directions fanbases name ) are extremely excited.One Directions first album (Up All Night) has sold over 500,000 albums in just one week.In just one year the album sold over three million copies worldwide,and was numer one in 16 countries including the USA! One Directions second album (Take Me Home) sold 540,000 in the first week.Globally, Take Me Home topped the charts in more than thirty five countries! It was also the fourth best selling album of 2012, selling 4.4 million albums! They were also the first boy band in US chart history to have two number one albums in a calendar year.”Live While We’re Young” debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.The song also sold over 341,000 downloads in the first week, and was even number one on the Digital Songs chart.Can you believe just five teenagers can accomplish this much in two years,and even steal the hearts of millions of girls just by being themselves? In my opinion I am very proud of them they are all PhenomiNiall,BrilLiam,AmaZayn,ExtrodinHarry,and FabouLouis! (As all the Directioners would say) When the third album (Midnight Memories) releases im sure it will be better than the first two albums…If thats possible!

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