Midnight Memories by One Direction

9 September 2019

The newest addition to the One Direction music library, Midnight Memories, has surely been a surprising album none the less. The new rock and roll spin that the British boy band put on their sound has turned heads and created a much larger audience that does not just consist of hormonal tween girls. The opening track, Story of My Life , is the start of the nostalgic journey the listener takes when listening. The 80’s feel of the track really pulls the listener in, especially if that listener was raised in that decade. While there are still a few head nodding, foot tapping pop tracks like Happily, Better Than Words, and Through the Dark that would appeal to the top 40 countdown and the 7 year old’s that follow the band; the sweet ballads You & I and Strong can really relate to the population of 18 and above listeners. Don’t Forget Where You Belong serves as a kind of refuge for the boys as well as the fans. This song really shows how fame has a negative side but in the long run they are extraordinarily thankful for the opportunities they have been given. These boys are trying to show that the fame cannot and will not change them. All in all this album has a smooth mixture of genres and can appeal to almost everyone who is willing to give it a listen.

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