Mika – “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”

12 December 2019

Mika’s latest album, “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” released last September, oozes with saccharine sweet pop melodies and beats that cause involuntary dancing. This album is glam pop at its catchiest and most irresistible. Reminiscent of Queen and Elton John, Mika’s style of music is about excess and pure fun.

The album chronicles the artist’s teenage years, and the first single, “We Are Golden,” captures the restlessness and the desire for something more that characterizes adolescence. With a booming chorus and wild arrangement, this song is unforgettable. It lays out the framework for the rest of the album, each song containing its own memorable chorus.

Mika – “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” Essay Example

For this album, Mika captured all the electric excitement of the previous album, “Life in Cartoon Motion,” but refines it and makes it deeper, and more mature. His growth as an artist is evident in the transition from innocent pop songs to provocative songs with a deeper meaning.

Some of the best songs are typical Mika, like the opener, “Blame It On the Girls” with a catchy, repetitive chorus that never seems to leave your head. Others, including “By the Time,” are unique in their less upbeat, more thoughtful approach. Each has its own appeal, from the Disney Classic “Toy Boy” to the bouncy, reggae-style “Blue Eyes,” and “Dr. John,” which has a ?s, psychedelic vibe. Overall, this is a collection of hits, each seemingly able to be a successful single.

Mika’s incredible talent, both as a musician and a vocalist, is displayed throughout. If you’re in the mood for some wonderful, guilty pleasure music, this album is your best bet.

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