Mike Jones – Who Is Mike Jones?

8 August 2019

Mike Jones is so remarkable that I was captivated by “Who is Mike Jones?” This disk shows his creativity as he utilizes the remarks of those who doubted him and turns his name into gold. The intro asks the question that haunts him – Who is Mike Jones? – and sets the stage for a fascinating combination of beats and lyrics.

After the intro, “Back Then” follows to show how girls who once rejected him now want him because of his fame and fortune. Next, “Still Trippin’,” which started his career, hits me with a blow because of the collaboration with Slim Thug and Paul Wall and the laid-back beats you can play in your car.

“Grandma” touches the soul, reminding us of what grandmothers do for us and how grateful we should be. It tells how his grandma supported him in his career as a rapper. Thank goodness she did because Mike Jones is a rapper we can never replace! His fascinating combination of beats and lyrics are what makes him stand out from all the rappers who sound the same or only sing about the same topics.

This CD is an enthralling ride to my ears and to the ears of my friends. I recommend it to those who really like to listen to songs that are captivating and laid-back.

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