Miley Cyrus

10 October 2019

Everyone has heard of her. Her albums debut at number on Billboards and her new movie hit the big screens April 9th, 2009. Miley Cyrus. The very name causes controversies and arguments across the world. Is she a good role model? Does she really have what it takes to be a respected artist? Well, my opinions were formed after years of watching her show and listening to her music. First, let’s answer the role model question. Recently, Miley had received a lot of bad publicity, from her Vanity Fair pictures to her new boyfriend, Justin Gaston. But she has also received a lot of positive praise, for her movie, her new book Miles to Go. All I have to say about this matter is that Miley is both good and bad. She has made her share of mistakes, but she has also had her share of goodness.

Everyone says, once a Disney star, always a Disney star. Miley is one of those teen stars who live to entertain tweens. Her music, show, book, and movie are for children ages 6-16. Nothing more. Now, Miley is growing up, but her reputation isn’t. Does she really have what it takes to become an artist that even adults will grow to respect? Well, I don’t know. Her first big step towards this is a new movie coming out 2010 written by Nicholas Sparks just for her. I’m pretty sure that this will be a successful movie, but not because of her acting skills, but because its Miley Cyrus. I have a lot of faith in Miley, but I agree with the simple facts: it’s going to be hard for her to become something more than just another Disney star.

Miley Cyrus Essay Example

We have all seen the mean comments and videos made about Miley. And I find those videos sick. How can someone judge her when they don’t know her? I’m not judging Miley. I look at both sides of the issue. Most people just judge her by her mistakes and by what the media makes her look like. I’ve made many videos about this subject, trying to show people that they shouldn’t judge her if they don’t know her story.

Miley is a talent girl and she’s bound to become something in history. She’s battled her own mistakes and took home triumphs that not many stars can ever claim.

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