Military Hair Cut and Uniform Regulations

7 July 2016

?The requirement for hair grooming standards is necessary to maintain uniformity within a military population. AR 670-1 states that many hairstyles are acceptable as long as the soldier maintains a neat and conservative appearance. I broke this regulation on Saturday, January 25, 2014 when I did not uphold this regulation. My hair was touching my ears, therefore, being out of regulation. The hair and grooming regulation, AR 670-1 was put in place to maintain the appearance and discipline of soldiers.

The upkeep of a haircut and a shaved face is a professional look and is important to maintain because people such as civilians look to the Army to be a professional organization. It teaches the soldier to be disciplined by having the soldier have the integrity and responsibility to decide when he needs to get a haircut. This also gives the soldier the chance to show his first line supervisor, as well as the soldier’s squad leader and other soldiers in his unit that he doesn’t need to be told to shave and get a haircut. It shows that the soldier has the integrity to decide when he needs a haircut.

Military Hair Cut and Uniform Regulations Essay Example

Now, when approached by my first line supervisor about my hair, I failed to go to parade rest and face him. Disrespect to a Non-Commissioned Officer of the United States Army is totally and completely unacceptable. NCO’s are the leaders of the Army, and should be treated with respect as such. NCO’s are your leaders that are going to provide the soldier with the knowledge of soldier skills and provide the soldier with the skills applicable to his job. Disrespect has no place in the work place, but especially towards NCO’s.

Disrespect towards NCO’s should not and will not be tolerated. Disrespect can be perceived from many different actions such as the rolling of a soldier’s eyes to cursing an NCO out. However, disrespect can result in many different repercussions such as a smoking, a counseling, and the NCO can even go as far as recommending the soldier for an article 15, UCMJ. As a result of a UCMJ action, the soldier could be on restriction for 45/45 or an article 15 and if you get three article 15’s for the same offense that is means for separation from the Army.

Being in the Army means to be part of the most professional, and best organization in the world. It means you are a part of a team, and a team cannot properly function and be fully mission capable if regulations are broken or if soldiers disrespect their leadership. A team not being fully mission capable is a risk to the rest of that team’s squad, all the way up to that team’s company. That type of risk is the type of thing that gets soldier’s hurt, or even killed.

The bottom line is no matter the reason the soldier decided to join the Army, the soldier has to realize that their are rules and regulations that go hand in hand with being a part of a military service. Good, bad, or indifferent, the soldier has to follow them. The soldier has NCO’s to guide him, and to teach him. Given the right attitude, the soldier can and will learn a lot from his leadership throughout his career to one day put that soldier in the spot to be teaching and guiding his own soldiers and for that soldier to be upholding rules and regulations and a level of respect and discipline from the soldiers below him.

In conclusion, I do realize that my appearance is a representation of not just myself, but my leadership, and the Army as a whole. I failed to uphold this and I failed by disrespecting my first line supervisor. In the future, there will not be a need for my leadership to tell me when I need to get a haircut and I will provide the respect that they deserve.

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