Milton’s Paradise Lost

4 April 2015
Discusses how Milton used Paradise Lost as a forum for his own views.

This paper is an analysis of Paradise Lost, and how it was more than just a biblical tale of humankind?s fall from God?s grace. The author discusses how Paradise Lost was a religious and political forum for Milton to express his views unopposed, by using the conflict of good and evil, portraying his own philosophies.
Milton indeed effectively used the conflict of good and evil in his Paradise Lost to portray his political, religious, and general philosophies. In the conclusion of his epic poem Milton shows one last personal belief when after Michael informs Adam of the history of the world up until the Second Coming of Christ, Adam and Eve shed tears as they walk hand in hand out of Paradise . Before they exit Paradise they dry their tears showing the hope for humankind, Lazzari 369. By this small act Milton reveals that he believes there is always one last hope.

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