Mindless Behavior

7 July 2019

WARNING: This story may cause a huge case of teenage love 😉

Jackson Five, NSYNC, New Edition, B2K & the Backstreet Boys are just a few of the great teen boy bands. Now you can add Mindless Behavior to that list! With a new album called #1 Girl out that’s #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 & #2 under the R section. Also just having released their 5th music video, Mindless Behavior is living the life!

Mindless Behavior Essay Example

Mindless Behavior is a group of 4 teen boys ranging from 14-15 years old. Prodigy is the lead singer of the group and known for being amazing dancer and having an awesome fro-hawk. Princeton, is outgoing, all about peace & the one rockin’ an afro. Ray Ray is the one with the sense of humor and charm. Lastly, Roc Royal is the rapper of the group, the youngest out of the 4 and a dare devil. These 4 boys are making the girls go crazy!

Mindless Behavior’s music is a mix of pop & R that every teen can relate to and you can listen to with the whole family. Even the little ones know who they are and are caught singing along to the great songs of Mindless Behavior.

So if you’re a young teen girl looking for love or just a good group of artists to jam to, Mindless Behavior is the group of for you.
PS: They’re looking for their #1 Girl.

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