;Mine; by Taylor Swift

10 October 2019

Taylor Swift is back in the studio and ready to rock as she releases her brand new single “Mine.” Its undeniable energy and subtle force is the perfect combination as it mixes with creative lyrics that talk about finding love when you thought that love wasn’t even possible at times. Not only is this song a total chart topper for the country legend, it also comes with an irresistable music video that brings this song to a whole other level.

Taylor shows how much she’s grown when it comes to video concepts. Taylor usually depicts incidents that include high school flings, best friends, and broken hearts. Once again, we see yet another summer fling as the video starts, but this summer fling turns into Taylor and her on-screen boyfriend moving in together, getting married, and having kids, which makes her realize that love really isn’t a lost cause.

;Mine; by Taylor Swift Essay Example

All in all, Taylor Swift has done it again. With a heart-grabbing song and an engaging video that will have your finger on the replay button, this is the perfect song for anybody. Even if you don’t like country music. Taylor’s mainstream pop/sometimes rock/country sound will appeal to everybody. Don’t miss “Mine” when it turns into one of the many tracks on Taylor’s highly anticipated thrid album “Speak Now” coming out October 25, 2010. Enjoy!

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