Minimum Wage

4 April 2015
A study on the minimum wage laws.

This paper examines the public policy implications of minimum wage laws and to a lesser extent living-wage laws (with the understanding that the two are philosophically linked to each other). The author writes, for those of us just now entering the labor force, it would be unthinkable to contemplate the working world without the presence of a minimum wage law. The paper provides a brief history of labor law and public policy in the United States. The paper includes graphs and charts.
“The minimum wage does not seem to be one of those causes over which people become sufficiently impassioned to protest in the streets. But that is in large measure only because when people are protesting in the streets they tend to call for economic fairness or distributive justice, and both of these concepts are connected to the idea of a minimum wage or its newer and more radical cousin, the living wage.”
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