Minister Jailed During Rape Trial Essay Research

9 September 2017

Minister Jailed During Rape Trial Essay, Research Paper



Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter jailed Jung Woo Lee, a 50 two twelvemonth old curate at a church in Flushing, for ravishing his 21 twelvemonth old niece. Lee said that he realized he was attracted to her about every bit shortly as she arrived? because she was have oning short trunkss and besides the manner she crossed her legs, like film star Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. ? Lee admits to holding sex with the niece, but non ravishing her. When asked if he thought she was taking him on, he said that he has no thought how adult females? s heads work and could non give a consecutive reply. The prosecuting officers say that the lone ground why he even admitted to holding sex with her is because they found his sperm discolorations on her bloomerss.

The alleged victim arrived in the United States on a pupil visa on May 23, 1998. She was to populate with her aunt and uncle while analyzing English at Fordham University. On June 5, the uncle testified, he told the miss that he was fond of her and kissed her. They made an understanding that she wouldn? T state anyone about this. The following twenty-four hours, he says, he embraced her and kissed confidant parts of her organic structure, nevertheless she was agitating her caput in a negative manner. On July 5, they became confidant to the fullest grade when they experienced the act of sexual intercourse. The really following twenty-four hours, the victim says, she went to populate with a friend and shortly afterwards flew back to Korea. Upon stating her female parent the narrative, she filed charges and returned to the United States for the test.


The issue being discussed here is colza. It is besides being analyzed, how colza should be defined and what constitutes a colza. What portion does aggravation P

ballad? The issue of? taking on? is one frequently discussed. We habitually blame the alleged raper for the offense, but what function does the victim drama. Does have oning a short skirt constitute means for colza? The thought that? no? truly means? yes? besides arises. She was agitating her caput but there was a feeling that she wanted to? are the words frequently uttered by the alleged raper. If she allows to be kissed, does that connote that she wants to hold sex? These are the inquiries and issues that frequently arise in colza tests, and their reading can be damaging to either the alleged or even the victim.


In my sentiment I will try to reply the rhetorical inquiries asked above. Obviously I am against colza and I feel that true violent rapers should be punished to the extreme grade. I will explicate what I mean with the word? true? . If a adult female is walking down the street, and is attacked by a adult male, raped and viciously crush? this is true colza. However, being Russian, I feel that Americans define the word colza to be many things that it is non. If a miss is on a day of the month with a cat, and they go to his topographic point, they? re gulling about and they end up kiping together, so the following twenty-four hours, repenting it, she files for colza? it? s non ravish. If a hubby comes place and wants to kip with his married woman, and she is non in the temper, but he sleeps with her anyway? it? s non colza. I hate colza every bit much as the following individual, but I do non experience that it should be a adult female? s whipping boy for the errors that she made. If you slept with him and he did non name the following twenty-four hours, wear? T go registering for colza, it will non work out your jobs. Life is non all rose-colored colourss. When you make errors you have to take duty for them. This applies to the alleged rapers every bit good as the? alleged? victims.

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