Minorities & Family Violence

4 April 2015
Incidence, economic & sociocultural factors, role of media, laws & shelters and fear of reporting.

Minorities and Family Violence
Since the time of the American Revolution, violence has been a part of the history and tradition of the United States (Asbury, 1987, p. 91). Currently, media and film portrayals of violence often glamorize violence as a legitimate means of accomplishing a goal. In addition, violence has been part of family relations throughout history. Traditionally, family violence has been encouraged by the belief outsiders should not intervene in family conflicts (Asbury, 1987, p. 92). Jo-Ellen Asbury argues this is a result of the general attitude that wives and children were a husband’s property, (Asbury, 1987, p. 92), handed down by laws permitting the chastisement and physical punishment of women and children (Gelles & Straus, 1988, p. 104).

Sharon Herzberger notes that while courts in the United..

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