Minute to Midnight

8 August 2019

The new Linkin Park album “Minutes to Midnight” is what I am doing by review on. Linkin Park has really been known to be a lot of hard rock music. That is what there first two albums “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora” where like, which they sold a lot of. Many people like there style the way it is right now. Now having heard there new music on the new “Minutes to Midnight” album, they have really matured in there music. Songs that they are making have a lot more deep thought to them and are calmer in a lot of ways. Having always been a huge fan of there music, I still am even after this softer kind of rock that they are playing. Most of there music is deep and enjoyable to listen to. More people will be able to sit and enjoy this new album better then there last few because there are a lot of people that don’t like screaming that they did in there last albums. Linkin Park will be getting a lot of new fans and I am very impressed with this new album. It is unlike any else’s band because they defiantly have there own style of music.

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